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Released on April 18, 2017.

Bug Fixes[edit]

  • Gameplay
    • Creatures with the Slay keyword will now reliably apply the bonus effect granted by it. Looking at you, Lucien Lachance.
    • We had a bone to pick with Grim Champion. This skeleton’s ability (when a creature in this lane dies, Grim Champion gains +1/+1) will no longer apply to the Reanimated version of itself when destroyed in a Reanimation Lane (return non-Reanimated creatures to play as 1/1 on death).
    • In Ranked Play, Legend rank no longer unintentionally carries over between seasons.
  • Interface
    • Priest of the Hour, Claw Kingpin, King Barynia, and Monsters of Wayrest Plains are no longer missing some letters during their clash animations.
    • Arenthil Wethrin is no longer missing the “A” in his name during the clash animation. Apologies have been made to Renthil Wethrin.
    • The clash animation no longer sometimes displays names too early, lingering on the playmat.
    • The Doom Wolf code display window will now show the entire code. Previously, certain combinations of characters in the code could obscure the last characters.
    • Some premium versions of cards that were not playing all premium visual effects have been given a premium going-over.
    • Players will no longer get stuck at the Ranked Season Reward pop-up on the Main Menu.
    • Players will no longer receive an error when attempting to view the credits.
      • Alternatively, new feature: game credits!
  • Localization
    • Dawnstar Healer‘s voice acting career has been put on hold: he no longer has different voices saying the same line when summoned and attacking.
    • Russian: Sewer Monsters are no longer missing some letters during the clash animation.
    • French: Les Corsaires are no longer missing the “L” in their name during the clash animation.
    • Italian: Hilltop Giant is no longer missing some letters during the clash animation.
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