Released on August 23, 2017.

Friend Battles Match History[edit]

  • Friend Battles are now shown in the Match History of your Profile screen to track specific matchups during competitive events.

Card Bug Fixes[edit]

General Bug Fixes[edit]

  • On mobile you can now cancel playing a non-targeted card by dragging it back to your hand.
  • On Android, pressing the back button from the home screen now exits the game.

Card Changes[edit]

Any Soul Summoned copies of Soul Tear, Supreme Atromancer, Shield Breaker, Imprison, and Thief of Dreams can be Soul Trapped for their full value until September 9, 2017.

Soul Tear to 3 cost

Powerful late game cards like Soul Tear can be very effective in slower matchups. Normally, cards like this are very costly to play when facing faster decks, but at 2 cost, Soul Tear was feeling a little too free.
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Supreme Atromancer and Expert Atromancer to 10 cost

Like Soul Tear, Supreme Atromancer offers so much late game power that it can push out other slow decks. These two cards contributed to a metagame that felt very hostile to slower midrange and control decks. With these two changes, metagame diversity should improve.

Shield Breaker to 3 cost

Shield Breaker pushes a very uninteractive aggressive deck that tries to attack its opponent at every opportunity. Pushing it to 3 cost will encourage players to play more interactive aggressive decks.

Imprison and Detain to 2 cost

At 1 cost, Imprison was proving too efficient a removal spell in heavy Willpower decks. Imprison will still feel very powerful when you play it with four creatures out, but the risks attached to it are a little bigger at 2 cost.

Thief of Dreams to 4/4

Intelligence creatures that have powerful abilities usually sacrifice some stat points. At 5 cost 5/5, it did not feel like you were paying much for Thief of Dream’s ability. By moving Thief’s stats down to 4/4, it makes its stats line up more with other Intelligence creatures.

Brynjolf to 4/5, Cliffside Lookout to 2/5, Young Dragonborn to 3/3

We’re buffing a few build around cards by giving them an extra point of health. This should open up more options for synergistic decks.

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