Released May 28, 2019

The latest version of The Elder Scrolls: Legends is live! This release brings with it memory optimizations and plenty of bug fixes that address newly found Alliance War issues.

Animation, Visual and Audio Effects[edit]


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  • The Elden Root card back is now once again being granted to users when a purchase is made.
  • Fixed an issue where cards would sometimes fail to load in Spectator mode.
  • Divayth’s Experiment no longer covers the rightmost card on a full board, which was preventing the user from selecting the covered card.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing short freezes in the Collection when quickly hovering over multiple cards in a row.
  • Players are now correctly able to replace a quest after the 24 hour reset if they previously replaced a quest before reset on the same UTC date.
  • The Alliance War playmat will now properly show up for spectators viewing a player who is playing on the that playmat.
  • The “Versus Arenas Aced” stat in General Stats now increments correctly upon completing and winning a run in Versus Arena. Previous wins have also been retroactively counted for all accounts.


  • The Turn Timer/Button is now visible while the discard menu is open.
  • When receiving a new in-game message from a friend, that friend will now pop to the top of the friend list for greater visibility.
  • Long account names no longer get unnecessarily cut off in the player’s Social menu.
  • Players can no longer rapidly click to open/close the card window to cause the Soul Trap/Soul Summon buttons to be clickable.
  • Fixed an issue that caused newly created decks to become neutral and contain zero cards.
  • All five Alliance War attribute colors now have their in-match tooltip to describe their colors and name.
  • Alternate art Nord Firebrand and Raiding Party now correctly list their release as May instead of April.
  • The “Choose your own path” panel now uses the correct font and is at a readable size on mobile.
  • Daggerfall Phantom‘s Last Gasp entry now lists all items returned to the hand in a single entry.
  • Invoker of the Hist‘s Veteran icon now properly disappears after the Veteran ability is triggered.
  • The requirement text for the Empire Bannerman title now properly lists the Empire’s correct attributes.
  • The Daily Quest menu no longer clips off screen for mobile devices when three quests are shown.
  • Seasoned Captain now properly display a Triggered Ability icon.
  • Fixed an issue that was displaying the Quest Choice and Special Offers menus at the same time.
  • The Discard Pile now properly updates in real-time when Master of Arms is cast and equipped with an item.
  • Premium cards that offer a choice of created cards now display them as Premium on the choice UI.
  • Dragonguard Outcast‘s text description now uses the word “has” instead of “gains” and is consistent with Embassy Disguise.
  • The Veteran icon on Pact Shieldbearer will now properly disappear after his effect is triggered.
  • Hovering over the red X to replace a quest no longer brings up the quest’s dialogue box.
  • The monthly rollover text now displays as “Tap anywhere to continue” instead of just “Continue”.
  • Story chapters for purchase in the store now have more detailed title headers.
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