Can We Please Soul Trap Adoring Fan

can-we-please-soul-trap-adoring-fan Thread
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liquidputin 1 month ago
I understand that Adoring Fan is supposed to be a trolly, fun card but for players just starting out all soul stones are precious. Getting a golden Adoring Fan and a normal one and not being allowed to tap into either of their worth to make the decks I am interested in playing really turns me off. I am not going to stop playing Legends obviously but its just not a good move to do to new players.



DarkVaati 1 month ago
I absolutely agree with you. I understand that Adoring Fan is a trolly prize for reaching your first 9 wins in Solo Arena and I have nothing against that, but receiving a golden one and realising I couldn’t soul trap it just pissed me off. Two copies of a unique legendary that’s not even playable? We should be able to exchange the golden one for a legend of choice; that would’ve been a real prize disguised as a nice joke.

MacDermot 1 month ago
Yeah, 2 copies is a bit much, but it’s more about completion. All cards need to have a golden variant as well. You also already get tons of rewards for going 9 wins in arena.

That said, it also annoys me to some degree, it would be nice if maybe Adoring Fan was a good card.

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Yeah it helps completion but for me personally at least I dont keep gold cards. :(

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