High Rock Summoner… WTF does she say when attacking?

high-rock-summoner-wtf-does-she-say-when-attacking Thread
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Yeknomious 5 days ago
This has been doing my head in since the game came out.

What does she (high rock summoner) say?

I can’t find the answer anywhere.

Some hear ‘Golden Puffs’ or ‘Garlic Pops’…

I hear Dollipops!



DarkVaati 5 days ago
She says “gall and pox!”

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Ashmore 5 days ago

Yeknomious 4 days ago
Thanks buddy. That’s been driving me crazy!

DarkVaati 4 days ago
The Catalan guy had to tell you what an English voice says… Shame on all of you :P

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Yeknomious 4 days ago
Yeah, double shame on me as I’m actually English.

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