Update 1.32: Decks and Deck Builder.

update-1-32-decks-and-deck-builder Thread
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Ashmore 1 month ago
Today’s update is for the Deck Builder:

  • You can now rename your deck (Use the Edit Button on your deck’s page).
  • You can now make your decks private ( Again, use the Edit Button).
  • Dual Attributes Cards now properly disappear whenever you choose an Attribute or a Class.
  • Your deck’s crafting cost is now calculated as you build it.



MacDermot 1 month ago
Great stuff, love seeing theese update posts (small and big). Just makes me realize how much time and effort you guys put into this site :)

smexystef 1 month ago
Nice! Any insight on coming updates? :D

I was also wondering about the forum topic sorting. I don’t know if it’s a bug but latest sorts on latest thread instead of the latest post. I also can’t change the default. Never seen a forum being sorted anything else than latest post.

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Ashmore 1 month ago
For now, just improve what we have and make sure everything works fine then I have a couple of big features I’d like to make but I won’t tell more. =)

About the Forums, the “Latest” button now orders by “posts”.

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