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Camp Slay and Play

3 [card]Brotherhood Sanctuary[/card]
3 [card]Morag Tong Aspirant[/card]
2 [card]Shadow Shift[/card]
2 [card]Fighters Guild Recruit[/card]
2 [card]Gavel of the Ordinator[/card]
3 [card]Mournhold Traitor[/card]
2 [card]Shining Saint[/card]
1 [card]The Night Mother[/card]
3 [card]Brotherhood Slayer[/card]
1 [card]Fork of Horripilation[/card]
3 [card]Forward Camp[/card]
2 [card]Grisly Gourmet[/card]
3 [card]Sanctuary Pet[/card]
2 [card]Strategist’s Map[/card]
2 [card]Blades Stalwart[/card]
3 [card]Cloudrest Illusionist[/card]
1 [card]Dawnbreaker[/card]
1 [card]Dawnfang[/card]
1 [card]Ahnassi[/card]
1 [card]Brynjolf[/card]
3 [card]Divine Fervor[/card]
3 [card]Torval Extortionist[/card]
2 [card]Worldly Wanderer[/card]
1 [card]Fresh Start[/card]
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agility willpower
Monk deck
50 cards
1 Brotherhood Sanctuary 3

Brotherhood Sanctuary

1 Morag Tong Aspirant 3

Morag Tong Aspirant

1 Shadow Shift 2

Shadow Shift

2 Fighters Guild Recruit 2

Fighters Guild Recruit

2 Gavel of the Ordinator 2

Gavel of the Ordinator

2 Mournhold Traitor 3

Mournhold Traitor

2 Shining Saint 2

Shining Saint

2 The Night Mother 1

The Night Mother

3 Brotherhood Slayer 3

Brotherhood Slayer

3 Fork of Horripilation 1

Fork of Horripilation

3 Forward Camp 3

Forward Camp

3 Grisly Gourmet 2

Grisly Gourmet

3 Sanctuary Pet 3

Sanctuary Pet

3 Strategist’s Map 2

Strategist's Map

4 Blades Stalwart 2

Blades Stalwart

4 Cloudrest Illusionist 3

Cloudrest Illusionist

4 Dawnbreaker 1


4 Dawnfang 1


5 Ahnassi 1


5 Brynjolf 1


5 Divine Fervor 3

Divine Fervor

5 Torval Extortionist 3

Torval Extortionist

5 Worldly Wanderer 2

Worldly Wanderer

6 Fresh Start 1

Fresh Start


Last Gasp3
Treasure Hunt0
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By: RumpinRufus
View other Decks by RumpinRufus
Posted: 1 month ago
Updated: 3 weeks ago
Up to date (Oblivion patch)
Crafting Cost: 23050
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Quench your bloodthirst with this delicious slay soufflé!

I think Slay decks are fun because you are heavily interacting with your opponent – and without the slay crutch cards like Squish, Gambit, and Crossbow, this deck makes for really enjoyable games because each match plays differently.

Sometimes you get off to a rocket start with Morag Tong Aspirant, Brotherhood Sanctuary, and Strategist’s Map/Night Mother to flood the board with 2/1s before your opponent even knows what’s happening.

Sometimes you throw down a Traitor into Brotherhood Slayer and smorc – the Traitor generates a tasty little morsel to feed your hungry Slay buddies.

Sometimes you play the long control game, building a board with combat tricks and using Strategist’s Map and Sanctuary Pet to stall your opponent until you can overwhelm them with your huge board.

And of course when your Forward Camps hit… hoooooo baby that can flip a game with a value and tempo explosion.

There’s no “normal game” with this deck which is what makes it so fun. You have to play vs your opponent and just see how it unfolds, so there’s never a dull moment.

Try this deck and I guarantee it will leave you grinning… with blood dripping from your teeth…

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Why have you not included Astrid? She seems like an auto-include in this deck. Also what are your thoughts on Naryu Virian and Morag Tong Nightblade in this deck?

1 Reply
I used to run Naryu and Morag Tong Nightblade in a previous version of this deck. They can be very problematic in the aggro matchup though – if you are getting pressured and need to trade into your opponent’s creatures to stabilize, summoning guards for your opponent is exactly the last thing you want to do. I have recently considered adding the Nightblades back in, but with Naryu I just found it was a rare case where I was getting value from summoning two targets, it was more common that they were becoming extra problems for me to deal with. And in the games when I wanted to get value out of Naryu she was often just getting removed.

I used to run a lot more draw in this list – on top of Morag Tong Nightblade I was running Pahmar-Raht Renegade and Ruins Archaeologist. But too often I was having a full hand and buckling under pressure so I added FGR and Sanctuary Pet to help recover tempo.

I hadn’t considered Astrid too hard as I don’t have a lot of lethal creatures (just FGR and Sanc Pet, and FGR rarely will get a slay) and I don’t have the slay enablers like Crossbow or Gambit. Plus the cards in this list aren’t that expensive – I often end up with contracts in hand with nothing to use them on, so the contracts aren’t super valuable I think. She might be worth playing just as a cheap lethal, perhaps I’m focusing too much on getting extra value from her, but I don’t think she’s a clear auto-include.

Jaynick77 3 weeks ago
What’s your worst match-up?

1 Reply
Fast aggro on-ring will often roll this deck, especially if you don’t hit a Prophecy. But Dawnfang in particular is outstanding at turning around a game where you’re getting beaten down. If you can get down Dawnfang especially with a Brotherhood Sanctuary on board, you are suddenly gaining 10 life per round which will often win the game. So I recommend keeping Dawnfang on mulligan if you suspect your opponent is on aggro. And Aspirant/Sanctuary is also very good at keeping aggro under control.

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