October Card Reward revealed: Mechanical Ally

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October Card Reward revealed: Mechanical Ally

By: Ashmore 5 days ago

Mechanical Ally is October’s monthly reward.
As always, you will have to reach rank 9 (Mage) in Versus Battle by the end of this month to get one copy, rank 5 (Warrior) to earn a second copy and rank 1 (Thief) to get the full set.

Mechanical Ally
Summon: Summon a Spider Worker if the top card of your deck is Neutral.


The card has been added to our database so you can already build awesome Dwemer decks. How cool is that?

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Meh.. not rly a good addition, but I take it.

Vix 5 days ago
It’s not really good now, but it has potential in future

Calvo 5 days ago
Disappointed on one hand, but the other another reason to craft those Halls of the Dwemer. I have been looking forward to create a Dwemer deck for quite some time.

belzabuth 5 days ago
this is a better reason for me to start a Dwemer deck!
good stuff guys im diggin it.


Kyorua 5 days ago
I don’t quite find much use to this since I run Assassin Dwemer, so it doesn’t quite have a high chance to get it’s effect aside from the Dwemer’s themselves. Nice art and card though.

Nice, can’t wait to try it out (but probably unfortunately only for fun purposes)!

DMaster2 5 days ago
Doesn’t seem competitive right now.

Love the concept, but I probably won’t play it in ranked. The future looks bright tho

Bastartd 4 days ago
Good Dwemer.

busfahrer09 14 hours ago
Disappointed, at least for now.

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