Two tournaments to play in this week end

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Two tournaments to play in this week end

By: Ashmore 3 days ago

Evening Star in Solitude
! The tournament is starting at 8 PM CET !

This is a 64 player tournament where everybody is welcome to participate!
Tournament Struture:

  • 64 players
  • Conquest Mode
  • Best-of-3 format
  • 2 Decks with different classes
  • Single Elimination

Sign ups:
To sign-up to the tournament use the following link:

Saturday, December 10th 2016, 2pm EDT/8pm CET. Tournament rounds last for 1 hour and 15 mins each. Semis and Final will have more flexible scheduling! On average our tournaments have lasted 3 hours.

Relevant Links:

Prince Tournament
Prince is a custom format in which you play a deck of all Commons and up to 6 Rares. The Elder Scrolls Legends Discord will be running a tourny of it on Saturday December 10th at 3pm EST. You bring 1 deck for a best of 3 face off.
Other than the all Common, 6 Rares deckbuilding restriction, Lillandril Hexmage is also banned.
You can sign up and here’s a link to the . You are required to check in 10 minutes before the tournament starts.

The two tournaments are happening at the same time and both tournament organizers are aware of this but will try to make it possible to play in both.

Original Reddit Post for .

Original Reddit Post for .

Best of luck!

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1 Comment

Awesome! Awkward times for OC but will be up in time for the Prince comp :)

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