Deck List

deck-list-69 Deck
3 Lesser Ward
3 Iliac Sorcerer
3 Evermore Steward
3 Soul Split
3 Wardcrafter
3 Wind Keep Spellsword
3 Cunning Ally
3 Daggerfall Mage
3 Haunting Spirit
3 Breton Conjurer
3 Lightning Bolt
1 Lucien Lachance
1 Mundus Stone
3 Preserver of the Root
2 Elixir of Deflection
3 Shadowfen Priest
3 Shornhelm Champion
1 High King Emeric
2 Ice Storm
1 Nahagliiv

Legend #1 – SkullCollector’s Sorcerer (End/Int)

3 [card]Lesser Ward[/card]
3 [card]Iliac Sorcerer[/card]
3 [card]Evermore Steward[/card]
3 [card]Soul Split[/card]
3 [card]Wardcrafter[/card]
3 [card]Wind Keep Spellsword[/card]
3 [card]Cunning Ally[/card]
3 [card]Daggerfall Mage[/card]
3 [card]Haunting Spirit[/card]
3 [card]Breton Conjurer[/card]
3 [card]Lightning Bolt[/card]
1 [card]Lucien Lachance[/card]
1 [card]Mundus Stone[/card]
3 [card]Preserver of the Root[/card]
2 [card]Elixir of Deflection[/card]
3 [card]Shadowfen Priest[/card]
3 [card]Shornhelm Champion[/card]
1 [card]High King Emeric[/card]
2 [card]Ice Storm[/card]
1 [card]Nahagliiv[/card]
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Sorcerer deck
50 cards
0 Lesser Ward 3

Lesser Ward

1 Iliac Sorcerer 3

Iliac Sorcerer

2 Evermore Steward 3

Evermore Steward

2 Soul Split 3

Soul Split

2 Wardcrafter 3


2 Wind Keep Spellsword 3

Wind Keep Spellsword

3 Cunning Ally 3

Cunning Ally

3 Daggerfall Mage 3

Daggerfall Mage

3 Haunting Spirit 3

Haunting Spirit

4 Breton Conjurer 3

Breton Conjurer

4 Lightning Bolt 3

Lightning Bolt

4 Lucien Lachance 1

Lucien Lachance

4 Mundus Stone 1

Mundus Stone

4 Preserver of the Root 3

Preserver of the Root

5 Elixir of Deflection 2

Elixir of Deflection

5 Shadowfen Priest 3

Shadowfen Priest

5 Shornhelm Champion 3

Shornhelm Champion

6 High King Emeric 1

High King Emeric

6 Ice Storm 2

Ice Storm

7 Nahagliiv 1



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By: Lucho Cogo
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Posted: 2 months ago, edited 2 months ago
Crafting Cost: 17050
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.


Deck used to archieve legend rank #1 in seasons 2016 May and June

The general strategy of the deck its pretty simple. You want to make favorable trades using your wards creatures. Then you can soul split to get max value of early ward cards.

Like any midrange deck, you shoulda go for the long control game against aggro, and try to finish the game on turn 8-9-10 against control decks.

Remember you can actually use the Emeric effect to deal face damage.

I hope you like this deck guys, see ya !

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yoavsnake 2 months ago
I’ve been wondering what do you think about mundus stone. I’ve been considering adding it to my purple/yellow tokens deck.

Also, why is there no firebolt in the deck?

1 Reply
Lucho Cogo 2 months ago
I think its a really strong card, but i personally don’t recommend running it on a Spellsword token deck, since you probably have to use x3 divine fervor, and running more support cards on the slot of 4-mana cards can be a little clunky.

I don’t use firebolt just because i think every card on the deck will have a better perfomance overall on the strategy of the deck. You usually use Firebolt in any deck when:
1) You play a action based-deck
2) When you face lot of aggro (Doesn’t happen to me when i climb to legend #1)
3) You already finish the core of the deck, and want some cards to just fill up

Since no one of the 3 items mencioned happens, i don’t include it, but ofc you can play it, i mean, is a good card anyway

yoavsnake wrote:
Also, why is there no firebolt in the deck?

3 Cunning Ally :^)

Also this deck has quite a lot of 2 damage creatures with ward. Ward gives them a free 2 damage attack same as fireball.

“Deck used to archieve legend rank #1 in seasons 2015 May and June”
But it’s still good and actual, right? Or no?

1 Reply
Lucho Cogo 2 months ago
It was on 2016. I’m using my delorean too often so i tend to mix years. Already fixed

Rekgt 2 months ago
I love the ward breton conjurer combo :D (breton conjurer + elixir of deflection)

Tvp9 2 months ago
Hey Skullcolector, I run a very similar list, just no illiac sorcerrer and I put in the 2/1 redguard girl that gives the weapon, so I use it too put it on a daggerfall or trade better with the wards, but I really feel like everything yellow hurts this deck so much atm, it seems pretty hard to win against yellow/purple token with this deck even when you draw your ice storms. Also a lot of green on the ladder and all of them running the murkwater witch(that card seems perfect to destroy this deck). I’ve been considering taking out the Breton Conjurer as for me he doesn’t do to much, he like dies almost every match without doing anything.

1 Reply
Lucho Cogo 2 months ago
Well, if you find Breton Conjurer not much useful on the meta, and you have troubles against tokens decks, just replace Conjurer x Firestorm and probably at least -1 Ice Storm for any high cost creature.

Willpowers matchups are usually hard, that’s why i decided to use Nahagliiv, i use it even before the buff he get.

Xylezt 2 months ago
This deck is a ton of fun, thanks for posting it, though i did want to ask.. I have noticed the early stages of the match are pretty brutal, I find myself getting uncomfortably low in hp before I can start doing things. Is there anything you could recommend for starting hand or play style that can make the early phase a bit more safe? or is this just the weakness of the deck?

1 Reply
Lucho Cogo 2 months ago
You can try to include cards like Brutal Ashlander, firebolt or Shrieking Harpy. even Fire Storm could be nice against aggro, but overall the deck have bad matchups vs rush decks, since the lack of defensive mechanics like heal, shackle or guard

Xylezt 2 months ago
Lucho Cogo wrote:
You can try to include cards like Brutal Ashlander, firebolt or Shrieking Harpy. even Fire Storm could be nice against aggro, but overall the deck have bad matchups vs rush decks, since the lack of defensive mechanics like heal, shackle or guard

Thanks, I’ll consider testing those options. :)

Sorry for noob question, but how can you put 3 Daggerfall Mage in the deck? I thought it’s only one-per-deck legend card.

1 Reply
Ashmore 1 month ago
You are allowed to play up to 3 of the same legendary. However, you can only play one-per-deck “Unique” card (the legendary cards with the little gold symbol above their name).

Taize 1 month ago
Hey, just wanted to say thanks for list! :)

I made it to Legend all the way from whatever the starting rank was, 9 or 10 or something and it has been a lot of fun! I don’t even own all the cards, missing all 4 legendaries and 2x Ice Storm, so I played without any aoe, which seems kinda insane.

One thing I noticed is that “destroy” absolutely wrecks this deck, I think control mages run a lot of those or will/end decks. Maybe there is an effective way to pop the wards on your turn or on the same turn you play stuff so they wont get executed and what not.

Big thanks again man!

1 Reply
Lucho Cogo 1 month ago
Yeah, control mage is a hard matchup. Is just rush face and pray for no prophecies. If you don’t close the deal on t10-t11, you are screwd. But this deck is way too good vs decks who aren’t based on pure spells, that’s the strong point of wards sinergy

Taize 1 month ago
Alright, just hit #170 legend with your deck, going strong!

I’ve made a couple changes: 3x Dunmer Nightblade, 3x High Rock Summoner and 3x Elusive Scheemer.

I don’t have Lucien and Nahagliiv, tried Mundus and I’m like 50/50 on that card. More notably I took out Lesser Ward and Breton Conjurer. Sometimes I ended up with too many ward things in my hand and with the Conjurer gone, there is even less synergy.

Breton Conjurer feels really weak to me right now. I tried my best in baiting removal out but there is so much of it, it makes it almost impossible. He got rekt for me way too often, without doing anything.

The Summoner proved to be useful, although she is kinda slow and trades badly early on. The Nightblade surprised me, she is only horrible in the archer matchup, anywhere else really solid. The steelsword also works nicely with the Iliac Sorcerer.

Again, great deck!

1 Reply
Lucho Cogo 1 month ago
Hi Taize, congratz !

Well, about Breton Conjurer i’m agree, and i see how Elusive Schemer is a nice replacement, since at least the cycle a card. High Rock Summoner is an good card, since you can always Soul Split, so the changes you made are pretty reasonable.

Good luck ranking up !

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