Markarth Bannerman… isn’t from Markarth?

markarth-bannerman-isnt-from-markarth Thread
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Snorlax 1 week ago
Hey, it is just me being crazy or Markarth Bannerman does not carry a Markarth banner?

A Markarth banner:

Nothing serious, I just noticed it :p


DarkVaati 6 days ago
Well… Only the bottom-left corner of the banner is actually seen in the card, showing some kind of frame decoration, so there’s no way to know if the full art is indeed mistaken. Anyway, that was something interesting to notice ;)

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MacDermot 6 days ago
The colour on the flag is wrong, Markarth has dark-green flags and the red ones are used by Solitude. Not something I would’ve noticed though… but really bugs me now.

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