September Card Reward revealed: Hist Grove

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September Card Reward revealed: Hist Grove

By: Ashmore 3 days ago

Hist Grove is september’s monthly reward.
As always, you will have to reach rank 9 (Mage) in Versus Battle by the end of this month to get one copy, rank 5 (Warrior) to earn a second copy and rank 1 (Thief) to get the full set.

Hist Grove
Summon: +1 max magicka.
When you have 15 or more max magicka, sacrifice this to summon an 8/8 Swamp Leviathan in each lane.

The card has been added to the database so you can start to experiment your new ideas in the deck builder. Go Crazy!

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DarkVaati 3 days ago
I really like the design. However, I think that the effect is only worth the tempo loss (and the support hate risk) if you directly play it at 14 magicka to insta-summon a couple of monsters, so I guess that a single copy as yet another finisher option in most ramp builds may be enough. That said, the card looks just crazy in control matchups.

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Mhantra 2 days ago
In theory, yes, but in my super slow Spellsword control, there are many turns where all I need to do is remove their big threat, or drop my singular threat and pass.

I very commonly have 3 extra mana post turn 10.

I like it as well.
Very strong card. I will still try to run 3 of them and see how it goes.

The thing is even if you destroy it the person doesn’t get swamp leviathans but they get the 3 mana extra magicka. Most of the time in ramp decks the big thing is not the side benefit of the magicka it’s the fact that you achieve your late game fast but 3 mana 16/16 in stats is amazing

Mimimimimio 11 hours ago
Way better then the first monthly card which I’ve used for 200 Soul Gems.

Fits great into the magicka ramp theme and should be used in not every but in some control decks.

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