Nahagliiv and Dawn’s Wrath / Mantikora

nahagliiv-and-dawns-wrath-mantikora Thread
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BigSmurf 3 days ago

Its a rule / engine question i have. If i play a Nahagliiv, can my opponent destroy it with a Dawn’s Wrath because its a ‘not targetting’ action? And how about Mantikora? Its a summon effect, but not an action (not mentioned on card text). Did anyone have this issue and give feedback or maybe some insight on how the ruleset works in this game?


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Pyxel 3 days ago
I can’t say it for sure, but if the effect only says it can’t be targeted then Dawn’s Wrath should work.
About the mantikora, I know for a fact that it works with iron atronach, so it must work with Nahagliiv too

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