Cannot soul trap my premium Lightning Bolt

cannot-soul-trap-my-premium-lightning-bolt Thread
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MightyGorgon 6 days ago
The other day I tried to soul trap my premium Lightning Bolt (since I already collected 3 normal copies), but I cannot do it, the option was “greyed”. This happened just as in the case of the normal and premium Adoring Fan, but I know that that card cannot be soul trapped because its a reward card for completing the Solo Arena.
So why I cannot soul trap Lightning Bolt?


MacDermot 6 days ago
Have you reported the bug to bethesda? Seems really weird to me, I have no idea why that wouldn’t work.

TwoEagles 5 days ago
Premium lightning bolt is one of the best looking cards I’ve seen. I’m keeping mine forever.

Problem solved!

As someone wrote on the Bethesda forum, cards included in your decks cannot be soul trapped. So I swapped the premium version with the normal one and after that I could soul trap it.

Sorry for the inconvenience, but I hope this information was helpful for all of you.

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