Road to Legend – October ’16

road-to-legend-october-16 Thread
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DarkVaati 1 week ago
Hello everyone! I thought it could be interesting to have a dedicated topic to discuss our adventures and disgraces during the long road to Legend Rank. Your impressions about the current meta, the deck(s) you’re currently using in ladder and any other related topics will be more than welcome!

In my case, I’m struggling a lot with ranked play this month. After successfully reaching Legend Rank in August and confortably stopping at Rank 1 for the 3-card reward in September, now I still haven’t been able to get past Rank 4, where this month everyone seems to be already playing top-tier full-legend decks.

I can’t say that I’ve actually put a lot of effort on it, since I’ve been mostly playing Versus Arena, but my ladder winrate seems to be stuck around 50% regardless of the deck I use (namely Midrange Scout, Midrange Spellsword and Control Spellsword). I’ve been thinking about building something completely different such as Midrange Archer or a theorycraft Assassin build with Necrom Mastermind and give them a try, but I’m concerned about wasting my gems for something that probably won’t work better than my current decks. I don’t really know what to do, so I keep farming VS Arena…

What about you, ladies and gentlemen?


MightyGorgon 1 week ago
I’m definitely experiencing that laddering became a lot more difficult (in August reached legend after playing for 2 weeks with a budget deck, in September had to grind a bit more using a more refined deck, but reached legend at the half of the month, but now I have more difficulties).

At the start of the season I played only fun decks (orc Warrior, aggro Battlemage) for more than a week (since I could not drop ranks fortunately). After that I started my climb trying various decks (token Spellsword, pilfer Monk, action Mage, ramp Scout were the most successful). The result: one time I got totally stuck for days, but the other day I can climb 2 ranks in a few hours. Yesterday I had a 4 games win streak then immediately afterwards a 4 games losing streak.

So now I’m sitting at the bottom of rank2 and hoping that laddering will become more easy at the end of the month…

Solair3 1 week ago
Good topic. I was greatly discuraged by ranked this month. Until Thursday I was stuck at rank 5, while last season I cruised to rank 2. Now I’m on the verge of rank 2. Token Spellsword is now a history for me, and all of variations of that deck. I abandoned control mage also.

Only thing that works for me is my deck based od several decks from this forum. Now I rush face with crusader and scout.

sapha 1 week ago
Nice Thread ;)
I’m playing action assassin and getting constantly crushed by them mages. I’m getting along with any other deck – until end game, I guess. Monks are still quite rare…
So is it just me or are there in fact many many mage decks out there?

A little off topic though: is there any “archetype decks” overview? Like with assassin it’s mostly combo/action or those all-green wound and kill decks. Spellsword is mainly tooken, I guess… but is there kind of “beginners guide to who will crush you”? Sorry for my english ;/

The snapshot is it, I guess. Any more of those coming?

ulfurfenris 1 week ago
I was Legend first Time with an Build and Flesh Atronach and i build new Deck, too. After to grind was very hard, i think back to the Roots and Flesh Atronach and then, why not all Atronach :)
Firstly it was a Fun-Deck but to grind it works very well.
Then for a Stable Deck i played an Spellword but without Hist Grove.
For October i play two Decks.
Ravenous Night Blood 

and Atronach Conjuring 


Now im not must laddering Top X. I test new Ideas and take Inspiration from new Decks that i found.
Actually i try a new Spider-Deck Control Deck. :)

And i like an Assassian Idea for Control, too. But i have not the right Idea for an Control Assassian. Mostly Assassians are for Tempo.

Hm we have a half month, look what new idea comes :)

(my english not better Sapha, but with every beer it goes better :) )


DarkVaati 1 week ago
Just for discussion purposes, this is more or less the Assassin, last gasp focused deck I have in mind, but I would need to spend most of my current 5000+ gems to finish it (I miss the three Necrom Mastermind copies and a few epics). Has anyone experimented with anything similar, to provide some feedback?

Assassin Mastermind 

Yes i have 3 Copies from Necrom Mastermind. In first Testgames i have the Prob vs aggro or Tempodecks. Move or Guard can help. Second Prob was the Health. Only Moonlight Werebat mostly not enough for a stable Deck. House of Kinsman can bring a negative Effekt, when u Opponent can collect more Cards in Hand. But its a good Card. Desperate Conjuring is a really nice Card in this Deck. Cliff Racer, Leaflurker and Necrom are wonderful Targets. With a little bit Luck u become a Bone Coloss, Beligerent Giant, Nahagliiv,…etc.

Ideas or Options:
Snake tooth Necklace
Sadras Agent
Mace of Encumbrance (for example: can activate Balmora Spymaster and shackle) (or Shrieking Harpy)
For Experiment Tests:
Elixir of Light Feet (for example: can save u creatures for Necrom in next Turn)
Royal Sage for Tempoplay in EarlyGame. (Mournhold Traitor can help for pressure)
Master of Arms, when u play Necklace and Mace
Ice Storm for aggro Decks with many Token (Crusader)

Comes down to which way one chooses. Tempo or Midrange.
SoulSplit is a nice Card but when u Opponent destroys u early Creatures, its a dead Card or Stop u Gameflow. Only Card-Draw with Elsuvie Schemer can be hard to come back on Board.
I cant find Chaurus Reaper in a good Position after Turn 7. Okay when u can use Leaflurker or versus Token but good Tokens play Divine Fervor or Thieves Den forward.
I mean not angry. Its only personal Feedback. :)


DarkVaati 5 days ago
Between the Lanes has just published a new , collating all the currently most played decks in the ladder. I wish I had some spare time (and enough soul gems) to test some of them…

Thx for Link DV!


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