Mono Willpower – a real deck?

mono-willpower-a-real-deck Thread
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MacDermot 2 months ago
Fooled around with the deckbuildin stuff, and noticed that willpoer is probably the best attribute for a mono-coloured deck.

Anyway, here’s the deck: Mono Willpower 


Yea, the title is wrong. I know :(


ZexyKnight 2 months ago
I think you need to go more midrange Mac. You got loads of low drops with little impact who try not to go aggro yet others do.

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StiffWizard 2 months ago
I might have to disagree on that. His deck is built like Zoo. It isn’t necessarily “Aggro” as Aggro tends to have a mix of face damage and minion damage, but it seems that the whole point of his deck is to overwhelm the board with minions that buff each other. I would suggest some more draw cards though, but other than that, I think you’re good for a mono-colored deck :)

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