New cards, new pack, new alternative arts! Chaos Arena unveiled

new-cards-new-pack-new-alternative-arts-chaos-arena-unveiled News
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New cards, new pack, new alternative arts! Chaos Arena unveiled

By: Ashmore 3 days ago

Complete Madhouse Collection Revealed

  • The Madhouse Collection will be available for $9.99.
  • The Madhouse Collection can be purchased with gold for 1500 Gold.
  • You will have 3 copies of each of the 10 cards of the collection.
  • The collection comes with 1 Arena ticket.
  • The Cards from this pack can’t be crafted.

The Mad Prince Pack

  • The Mad Prince pack is available for $4.99 and can’t be purchased with gold.
  • You will receive 5 Booster Packs and 3 alternate art playsets of Crusing Blow, Hive Defender and Sharphooter Scout.

The Store Page Hype
A wild “Stories” button appears

Burn and Pillage incoming Nerf
Screenshot by CHARM3RStreams

Burn and Pillage now costs 5 and hits only one lane.

Elixir of Magicka is now a ring
Screenshot by CHARM3RStreams

New Discard Pile
Screenshot by CHARM3RStreams

The Chamberlain of Sheogorath title
Screenshot by CHARM3RStreams

Rewarded after completing one Chaos Arena.

All the new cards are now available in our deck builder, see you in Chaos Arena!

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Altar of despair can start as a guaranteed ungolim or brotherhood assassin if you played ungolim before that. Probably powerfull with a nice set of creatures that have versatile summon effects.

1 Reply
1241Mage 2 days ago
especially when you use close call on Ungolim or assassins,it is very useful for a scout deck because of Ungolim and endurance ability to make the game last long enough

Thank you Ashmore for your quick work!

I just wanted to let you know that you listed Shivering Apothecary as a Neutral (though it is a Willpower card).

Thanks again!

1 Reply
Ashmore 3 days ago
Yes indeed, thanks for pointing it out :)

Paly_Noob 3 days ago
I’m happy to give Beth my $ because they deserve it for finally getting an OLCCG right, but as an FTPer I gotta say it’s kind of lame that we only got a week’s warning to save gold for this. If you’re gonna charge 1,500g for an expansion, at least give us a realistic amount of time in order to save for it. I can see this being a big turn-off to FTPers. Blizz has their issues, but they always gave FTPers plenty of time to save for HS expansions.

DMaster2 3 days ago
The new 10 cards pack isn’t time limited offer since they can’t be crafted right?

Zhompy 3 days ago
the starter pack will still available to buy?

1 Reply
Ashmore 2 days ago
On the test version we played, the Starter pack was still available.

If we get the chaos arena pack, we get three copies that cant be crafted.. ..but what about the premium versions of these cards (if they have any..)

Lokheit 3 days ago
The new monthly reward card has also been revealed! It looks like next meta is going to feature orcs and khajiits D:

Actually you CAN craft the cards from the madhouse collection pack

“you’ll also find ten brand new cards to craft, draft and play with.”

1 Reply
Ashmore 2 days ago
Well in the test servers we had access to, you can’t, here is a screenshot I made of the collection page and right where your are supposed to see the “Summon” and “Trap” buttons, you just have “Available in the Madhouse Collection”.

well we will see today then :)

1 Reply
Ashmore 2 days ago
Absolutely, and I hope that you’re right =)

carefree 2 days ago
Guys, is there a time frame in which you can buy the new cards or will they stay available forever?

1 Reply
i was asking myself the same thing because you cant craft it, and 1500G is quite a lot so 10 bucks for 10 new card is not actually quite a good deal so…

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