Patch Note: 1.59.3, Letter From the Devs

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Patch Note: 1.59.3, Letter From the Devs

By: Ashmore 1 week ago

Patch Note 1.59.3
Original Post:

Bugs Fixed

  • End of Season – Problems with the end of season properly rolling over have been fixed
  • Legend Matchmaking – Issues with Legend matchmaking have been addressed
  • End of Game – Losing player’s avatar properly “explodes” now
  • Hanging Card – First card played will no longer hang in the air (this was happening on lower end / slower internet connections)
  • Hist Grove – Now properly appears in play with its correct artwork
  • Sell Back –Correct version of the card properly displays in the Sell Back window when eligible for Sell Back
  • Goldbrand – Goldbrand will no longer appear in packs
  • Social – Fixed bugs related to adding blocked users
  • Cards in Hand – Scrubbing through cards in hand has been fixed
  • Stonetooth Scrapper – The premium version of this card has had its art restored
  • Prophecy Cards — Now properly play to playmat instead of moving back to the prophecy zone

Balance Changes

  • Rarity Swaps
    • To Rare: Intimidate, Fiery Imp, Evermore Steward, Shrieking Harpy, Blacksap Protector
    • To Common: Valenwood Huntsman/Valenwood Trapper, Fortress Watchman, Niben Bay Cutthroat, Farsight Nereid, Voracious Spriggan
    • Reason: In order to continue improving the Arena experience, we are changing rarities on some low-rarity cards. The goal is greater class diversity in Arena, where Intelligence and Agility are currently overrepresented, and Strength is underrepresented.
  • Shocking Wamasu: Now deals damage to enemy creatures only, instead of creatures or the enemy player.
    Reason: This change is meant to reduce the incidence of Intelligence decks dealing large amounts of damage to the enemy player in one turn, and to increase the number of interactive games.
  • Mantikora: Now kills an enemy creature in the same lane as Mantikora, instead of either lane.
    Reason: Mantikora is one of the most dominant high-cost cards, and is capable of stabilizing the board even if the enemy spreads their forces out. This change is meant to increase counterplay against Mantikora, while making it less likely that a Mantikora can completely halt the enemy offense.

Letter From the Devs
Original Post:

Hello, Legends players! We have another patch coming this week, and we wanted to give you a heads up before the patch takes effect. This one contains some bug fixes and a few more card changes. This letter covers the card changes and why we’re doing them.

We’re constantly keeping a watch on the metagame, and as many of you know, we are willing to take advantage of the digital nature of the game, and change cards when we feel like it will make the game healthier. Last month, we changed two cards — Soulrest Marshal and Murkwater Savage – because we felt the changes would improve the constructed metagame.

This time, we’re rolling out some changes to improve the health of the Arena metagame, plus one additional change for constructed.

The Arena Changes

Generally speaking, we’re fairly happy with Arena health, as all ten class options have reasonable winning percentages. Classes with Intelligence and Agility generally have the highest win rates, and classes with Strength generally have the lowest. We believe the quality of common cards is the biggest factor in these numbers, so we’re doing a number of rarity swaps to help bring in those outer edges:

  • From Common to Rare: Intimidate, Fiery Imp, Evermore Steward, Shrieking Harpy, Blacksap Protector
  • From Rare to Common: Valenwood Huntsman, Fortress Watchman, Niben Bay Cutthroat, Farsight Nereid, Voracious Spriggan

We’re also changing Shocking Wamasu so that it can no longer deal its 4 damage to the opponent. We realize that this card is not played a lot in constructed play, but in Arena it is a dominant force, and we believe that it will still be a good card in Arena. Just not quite as shockingly game-ending for Intelligence decks that already have access to an action (Lightning Bolt) that can go face for 4 damage.

The Constructed Change

The change we’re making for constructed is to change Mantikora. Its power level is a little bit too high and, just as importantly, the experience of playing against is too brutal because there’s no clear way to play around it. So the change we’re making is to have its destruction ability only target creatures in its own lane. With this change, the card will still be strong (as it’s intended to be!) in many situations, but it won’t be the “cure all” tempo turn-around for certain situations, such as blocking out a 4/4 in one lane while destroying a 10/10 in the other lane. With this new text, opponents who suspect an incoming Mantikora can spread out their forces to avoid complete devastation, which is a play pattern that aligns with how one plays against two other powerful Willpower cards: Dawn’s Wrath and Immolating Blast.

Note that we’re still evaluating other aspects of constructed and more changes are likely coming, but we’re taking more time to analyze those changes before rolling them out.

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Calvo 1 week ago
Good changes on the two cards. It is great to see, with how much sensitivity the devs are working on the balance.

DarkVaati 1 week ago
Good balance changes overall. Mantikora was a bit too oppressing for almost any deck, due to being able to shut down both lanes at once; and Shocking Wamasu will still remain as a good arena card while addressing the ridiculous bursting potential of blue at the same time.

Djebel 6 days ago
Very pleased with the changes, i hope some nerfs arrives to the Divine fervor or deshaan avenger soon but this nerf are good too

1 Reply
DarkVaati 6 days ago
Hmm… I don’t think that nerfing any of those cards is really needed. The problem with Divine Fervor is not with the card itself, but with the fact that it is almost the only support card good enough to see common play, as well as the need of some more antisupport techs in other colors appart from purple. As for Daeshan Avenger, it’s 5 mana worth of stats in a 4-cost card, but split into two non-simultaneous bodies. There’s norhing broken there, and it’s actually being cut from many midrange decks.

Might want to add that, not only will goldbrand no longer appear in packs, but everyone who’s ever gotten a goldbrand from a pack will get a random legendary for free.

Calvo 6 days ago
Crystal Tower Crafter got a new artwork.

So did dwarven armament or whatever the +5+5 neutral helmet is called.

1 Reply
Calvo 6 days ago
You are right, Dwarven Armaments got a new one as well.

DMaster2 6 days ago
Will the cards that have the rarity changed be disenchantable for full soul cost?

3 Replies
headfrost 6 days ago
Nope, only Wamasu and Manticora this time.

DarkVaati 6 days ago
No, since the cards were not really changed. However, I think that they should compensate for the gems lost in case you actually crafted any card that received a rarity decrease, since you lost resources with that change. It’s not so important in this case, but if they start to change epics into rares the gem loss may start to be relevant.

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