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Jaws of Oblivion
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Mechanics and EffectsInvade
Release DateOctober 8, 2019
StatisticsStrength 15Intelligence 15Intelligence 15Willpower 15Agility 15Agility 15Endurance 15Neutral 15Neutral 5Dual Attribute 2
Common 2
Common 31Rare 16Epic 16Epic 17Legendary 18
Tamriel tears at the seams as conflict worsens between the Imperials of Cyrodiil and the Daedra-worshipping Order of the Mythic Dawn. From witnessing the rise of Martin Septim to braving Mankar Camoran’s eerie Paradise, Jaws of Oblivion immerses players in the world-shaking events of the Oblivion Crisis. -Official Summary[1]

Jaws of Oblivion is the fifth card expansion for The Elder Scrolls Legends. It can be obtained by buying new card packs separate from the Core Set, which can be opened to earn 75+ new cards themed after the Oblivion Crisis of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. The expansion releases on October 8, 2019 on PC, mobile, and tablet devices.


The following cards can be found in card packs of the Jaws of Oblivion expansion.


NameType (Subtype)Attribute/ClassMagickaPowerHealthRarityText
Agent of Mehrunes DagonAgent of Mehrunes DagonCreature (Imperial)Strength Strength2321Common CommonAt the end of each turn, if you Invaded, Agent of Mehrunes Dagon gains +1/+1.
Blood-Crazed DaedrothBlood-Crazed DaedrothCreature (Daedra)Strength Strength3322Rare RareSummon: Draw a card if there is a Wounded creature in this lane.
Daedric IncursionDaedric IncursionActionStrength Strength31Common CommonDraw a random Daedra from your deck.
Dremora ArcherDremora ArcherCreature (Daedra)Strength Strength3112Rare RareProphecy
Deal damage to a creature equal to Dremora Archer’s power.
Flaming BreathFlaming BreathActionStrength Strength21Common CommonProphecy
Deal 1 damage to everything.
Invasion ScoutInvasion ScoutCreature (Daedra)Strength Strength1111Common CommonSummon: Invade.
Keeper of the GatesKeeper of the GatesCreature (Nord)Strength Strength6663Epic EpicWhen you Invade, Invade again.
Kynreeve ChampionKynreeve ChampionCreature (Daedra)Strength Strength4434Legendary LegendaryWhen Kynreeve Champion takes damage, it deals that much damage to your opponent.
Lord of the ArenaLord of the ArenaCreature (Minotaur)Strength Strength11884Legendary LegendarySummon: Choose two creatures to Battle each other.
Marauder ChieftainMarauder ChieftainCreature (Orc)Strength Strength4153Epic EpicSummon: Give a creature +1/+0.
When another friendly creature gains power, Marauder Chieftain also gains that much power.
Mehrunes Dagon's FlayerMehrunes Dagon’s FlayerCreature (Daedra)Strength Strength3252Rare RareAt the start of your turn, deal 1 damage to another friendly creature and give it +2/+0.
Modryn OreynModryn OreynCreature (Dark Elf)Strength Strength4444Legendary LegendaryBreakthrough
Summon: Your opponent summons a Blackwood Hoodlum in each lane.
Unfinished BusinessUnfinished BusinessActionStrength Strength63Epic EpicCosts 3 less for each friendly Wounded creature.
Unsummon a creature. Then you may unsummon a friendly creature.
Widow DaedraWidow DaedraCreature (Daedra)Strength Strength4531Common CommonWhen an enemy rune is destroyed, Invade.
Xivilai WarlordXivilai WarlordCreature (Daedra)Strength Strength4331Common CommonCharge, Guard


NameType (Subtype)Attribute/ClassMagickaPowerHealthRarityText
Attuned DremoraAttuned DremoraCreature (Daedra)Intelligence Intelligence5452Rare RareSummon: Gain all Keywords friendly creatures have.
Blast from OblivionBlast from OblivionActionIntelligence Intelligence31Common CommonProphecy
Invade, then deal damage equal to your Oblivion Gate’s level to a creature.
Dremora AdeptDremora AdeptCreature (Daedra)Intelligence Intelligence3434Legendary LegendaryWhen Dremora Adept gains a Keyword, Invade.
Elixir of PotencyElixir of PotencySupportIntelligence Intelligence23Epic EpicUses: 3

Activate: Give a creature a random Keyword.

Fingers of the MountainFingers of the MountainActionIntelligence Intelligence63Epic EpicCosts 1 less for each action you’ve played this turn.

Deal 1 damage to a creature.
Deal 2 damage to a creature.
Deal 3 damage to a creature.

Forces of DestructionForces of DestructionActionIntelligence Intelligence104Legendary LegendaryInvade, then summon random Daedra with total cost 10.
Hannibal TravenHannibal TravenCreature (Breton)Intelligence Intelligence7554Legendary LegendaryAfter you play an action, Hannibal Traven learns it.
Last Gasp: Play all learned actions from your discard pile.
Invasion VanguardInvasion VanguardCreature (Daedra)Intelligence Intelligence2141Common CommonSummon: Invade.
Mythic Dawn AcolyteMythic Dawn AcolyteCreature (Breton)Intelligence Intelligence5541Common CommonAt the end of each turn, if you Invaded, deal 2 damage.
Mythic Dawn InformerMythic Dawn InformerCreature (Dark Elf)Intelligence Intelligence2212Rare RareLast Gasp: Put a random Daedra into your hand.
Occult RitemasterOccult RitemasterCreature (Orc)Intelligence Intelligence4432Rare RareSummon: Put a Steel Dagger into your hand.
When Occult Ritemaster equips an item, Invade.
Sigil KeeperSigil KeeperCreature (Daedra)Intelligence Intelligence4341Common CommonSummon: Invade, then give Ward to all friendly Oblivion Gates.
Sunken OneSunken OneCreature (Daedra, Atronach)Intelligence Intelligence7571Common CommonWard
Trusty SwordTrusty SwordItemIntelligence Intelligence01Common Common+2/+0
Valkynaz MageValkynaz MageCreature (Daedra)Intelligence Intelligence1113Epic EpicWard
When Valkynaz Mage’s Ward is broken, Invade.


NameType (Subtype)Attribute/ClassMagickaPowerHealthRarityText
BedlamBedlamActionWillpower Willpower11Common CommonPut two 1/1 Scamps into your hand.
Blades GuardianBlades GuardianCreature (Redguard)Willpower Willpower5452Rare RareGuard
Summon: Give a creature in the other lane +1/+1 and Guard.
Blind Moth PriestBlind Moth PriestCreature (Imperial)Willpower Willpower2233Epic EpicOn your turn, Blind Moth Priest glows while your opponent has a Prophecy on top of their deck.
Clannfear RuntClannfear RuntCreature (Daedra)Willpower Willpower0131Common Common
Defense of BrumaDefense of BrumaActionWillpower Willpower43Epic EpicCosts 2 less for each friendly creature with 5 or more health. Give friendly creatures +1/+1 and Guard.
Dive Rock FallDive Rock FallActionWillpower Willpower02Rare RareBanish a creature with 0 power.
Invasion MarauderInvasion MarauderCreature (Daedra)Willpower Willpower3331Common CommonSummon: Invade.
Invasion PartyInvasion PartyActionWillpower Willpower44Legendary LegendaryChoose three times: Invade or summon a 1/1 Scamp.
JauffreJauffreCreature (Breton)Willpower Willpower5394Legendary LegendarySummon: Choose another friendly creature.

Damage that would be dealt to the chosen creature is dealt to Jauffre instead.
Mehrunes Dagon's SeducerMehrunes Dagon’s SeducerCreature (Daedra)Willpower Willpower4362Rare RareBreakthrough, Drain
Mythic Dawn ZealotMythic Dawn ZealotCreature (Khajiit)Willpower Willpower2221Common CommonAt the end of each turn, if you Invaded, put a 1/1 Scamp into your hand.
The Crisis BeginsThe Crisis BeginsActionWillpower Willpower61Common CommonDestroy a creature.
Unexpected ArrivalUnexpected ArrivalActionWillpower Willpower33Epic EpicInvade, then summon a random Daedra with cost equal to your Oblivion Gate’s level.
Worldly WandererWorldly WandererCreature (Nord)Willpower Willpower5354Legendary LegendarySummon: Summon a support of your choice from your deck with cost less then Worldly Wanderer’s power.
Xivkyn ChannelerXivkyn ChannelerCreature (Daedra)Willpower Willpower3221Common CommonProphecy
Summon: You gain health equal to Xivkyn Channeler’s power plus health.


NameType (Subtype)Attribute/ClassMagickaPowerHealthRarityText
Arenthia GuerrillaArenthia GuerrillaCreature (Wood Elf)Agility Agility3341Common CommonLethal on your opponent’s turn.
Bitterfish WitchBitterfish WitchCreature (Goblin)Agility Agility3221Common CommonProphecy
Summon: Give a creature -1/-1.
Blades FlankerBlades FlankerCreature (Nord)Agility Agility4431Common CommonSummon: Give a creature in the other lane +2/+0.
Blades StalwartBlades StalwartCreature (Breton)Agility Agility4353Epic EpicSlay: Blades Stalwart gains power equal to her health.
Bloody Hand ChefBloody Hand ChefCreature (Goblin)Agility Agility2224Legendary LegendaryWhen you reduce an enemy creature’s power or health with an effect, Bloody Hand Chef gains that much power or health.
Brotherhood SuspectBrotherhood SuspectCreature (Argonian)Agility Agility1243Epic EpicLast Gasp: Your opponent draws a Completed Contract.
Dead DropDead DropActionAgility Agility02Rare RareGive a friendly creature “Slay: Put a Completed Contract into your hand” this turn. It may move to attack creatures in the other lane this turn.
Dust Eater SkirmisherDust Eater SkirmisherCreature (Goblin)Agility Agility1212Rare RareWhen Dust Eater Skirmisher takes damage from a creature, give that creature -1/-1.
Fresh StartFresh StartActionAgility Agility61Common CommonDraw three cards.
Mountain LionMountain LionCreature (Beast)Agility Agility3431Common CommonSummon: Gain 1 magicka this turn.
The Gray FoxThe Gray FoxCreatureAgility Agility5444Legendary LegendarySummon: Draw a card from you opponent’s discard pile.
Pilfer: Reveal a random unrevealed card from your opponent’s hand.
The Ultimate HeistThe Ultimate HeistActionAgility Agility123Epic EpicCosts 3 less for each time you’ve Pilfered or Drained this turn.
Deal damage to your opponent destroying their front rune. Steal the card drawn from the rune. If it’s a Prophecy, you may play it for free.
UnicornUnicornCreature (Beast)Agility Agility3234Legendary LegendaryFriendly creatures in this lane with less power than Unicorn have Charge.
Wild BoarWild BoarCreature (Beast)Agility Agility2132Rare RareWild Boar can’t gain Cover. At the start of your turn, Wild Boar moves and gains +1/+0.
Will-o-the-WispWill-o-the-WispCreature (Spirit)Agility Agility2321Common CommonDrain


NameType (Subtype)Attribute/ClassMagickaPowerHealthRarityText
Black Soul GemBlack Soul GemSupportEndurance Endurance43Epic EpicOngoing

When a friendly creature dies, give a random creature in your hand +1/+1.

Blackwood AlchemistBlackwood AlchemistCreature (Argonian)Endurance Endurance3141Common CommonGains +2/+0 when your max magicka increases.
Blades DefenderBlades DefenderCreature (Breton)Endurance Endurance3331Common CommonSummon: Give a creature in the other lane +0/+2.
Brotherhood VampireBrotherhood VampireCreature (Breton, Vampire)Endurance Endurance2123Epic EpicSummon: +1/+1 for each creature that died this turn.
City GuardCity GuardCreature (Imperial)Endurance Endurance2231Common CommonProphecy, Guard
Determined SupplierDetermined SupplierCreature (Breton)Endurance Endurance4141Common CommonGuard
Last Gasp: Gain max magicka equal to Determined Supplier’s power.
Doomed AdventurerDoomed AdventurerCreature (Imperial)Endurance Endurance1112Rare RareLast Gasp: Give a random creature in your hand +2/+2.
Emperor's AttendantEmperor’s AttendantCreature (Redguard)Endurance Endurance2112Rare RareSummon: Give a creature in your hand power and health equal to Emperor’s Attendant’s power.
Faded WraithFaded WraithCreature (Spirit)Endurance Endurance5134Legendary LegendarySummon: Draw cards equal to Faded Wraith’s power.
Miscarcand LichMiscarcand LichCreature (Skeleton)Endurance Endurance4354Legendary LegendarySummon: Choose an enemy creature.

At the start of your turn, if the chosen creature is alive, summon a 1/1 Risen Dead with Guard in its lane.
MuteMuteActionEndurance Endurance11Common CommonSilence two creatures.
Outland PatrolOutland PatrolCreature (Imperial)Endurance Endurance3341Common CommonLast Gasp: Give a random creature in your hand +1/+1.
Three Feather WarchiefThree Feather WarchiefCreature (Goblin)Endurance Endurance3132Rare RareSummon: Set a creature’s health to 1.
Umaril the UnfeatheredUmaril the UnfeatheredCreature (Ayleid)Endurance Endurance6634Legendary LegendaryGuard
When Umaril the Unfeathered leaves play, summon him in the other lane Silenced.
Whodunit?Whodunit?ActionEndurance Endurance83Epic EpicCosts 1 less for each creature in your discard pile.
Gain +2 max magicka.


NameType (Subtype)Attribute/ClassMagickaPowerHealthRarityText
Giant SlaughterfishGiant SlaughterfishCreature (Fish)Neutral Neutral4332Rare RareGive friendly Animals +2/+0 at the start of your turn.
Great Sigil StoneGreat Sigil StoneSupportNeutral Neutral44Legendary LegendaryUses: 3

Activate: Invade.
Last Gasp: Draw a random Daedra from your deck and give it +2/+2.

Oblivion InvasionOblivion InvasionActionNeutral Neutral01Common CommonInvade.
Painted WorldPainted WorldActionNeutral Neutral123Epic EpicCosts 2 less for each attribute you have in play. Costs 2 less if you have a Neutral card in play. Summon a Painted Troll in each lane.
Siege CrawlerSiege CrawlerCreature (Daedra)Neutral Neutral1115153Epic EpicBreakthrough


NameType (Subtype)Attribute/ClassMagickaPowerHealthRarityText
Mankar CamoranMankar CamoranCreature (High Elf, Wood Elf)StrengthIntelligenceIntelligence Battlemage4444Legendary LegendaryAfter you play an action, Invade.
Friendly Oblivion Gates have +4/+0.
Martin SeptimMartin SeptimCreature (Imperial)AgilityEnduranceEndurance Scout4374Legendary LegendaryAt the start of your turn, gain all unspent magicka from your last turn.
When you have 30 or more magicka, Martin Septim changes into a 30/30 Avatar of Akatosh.

Created Cards[edit]

NameType (Subtype)Attribute/ClassMagickaPowerHealthRarityText
Avatar of AkatoshAvatar of AkatoshCreature (Dragon)AgilityEnduranceEndurance Scout430304Legendary Legendary
Blackwood HoodlumBlackwood HoodlumCreature (Khajiit)Neutral Neutral1114Legendary LegendaryLast Gasp: Give Modryn Oreyn +2/+2.
Oblivion GateOblivion GateCreature (Portal)Neutral Neutral3041Common CommonLevel 1: Immune to Silence. Permanently Shackled. When you summon a Daedra, give it +0/1.
Level 2: Immune to Silence. Permanently Shackled. When you summon a Daedra, give it +1/1.
Level 3: Immune to Silence. Permanently Shackled. When you summon a Daedra, give it +1/1. Daedra you summon cost 1 less.
Level 4: Immune to Silence. Permanently Shackled. When you summon a Daedra, give it +1/1. Daedra you summon cost 1 less. When you summon a Daedra, give it a random keyword.
Level 5: Immune to Silence. Permanently Shackled. When you summon a Daedra, give it +1/1. Daedra you summon cost 1 less. When you summon a Daedra, give it two random keywords.
Painted TrollPainted TrollCreature (Troll)Neutral Neutral4443Epic EpicRegenerate
Summon: Painted Troll becomes a random attribute.


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