Legends:Houses of Morrowind

Houses of Morrowind
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Mechanics and EffectsBetray, Exalt, Plot, Rally
Release Date5 April 2018
StatisticsStrength 25Intelligence 25Intelligence 25Willpower 25Agility 25Agility 25Endurance 25Neutral 25Neutral 9Triple Attribute 15
Common 15
Common 51Rare 38Epic 38Epic 27Legendary 33

Houses of Morrowind is the second card expansion for Legends. It can be obtained by buying new card packs separate from the Core Set, which can be opened to earn 149 new cards themed after The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind and The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind. It introduces cards for five of the ten possible three-attribute sets, each representing one of the major Houses, or factions, of Vvardenfell. The expansion was released on April 5th, 2018 on PC, mobile and tablet devices, though the original release date was planned to be March 29[1].

You have no idea what you’ve wandered into. From the moment you stepped off the docks in Seyda Neen, you became a potential pawn in a grand power struggle between the Great Houses that govern this land and even between the living gods themselves and their terrible ancient enemies. But of course, if it maneuvers correctly, a pawn can become a queen. Who will you trust? Who will you fight for? Can you control the Houses of Morrowind? —Official Summary[2]


Cards are distributed through the Attributes.


NameType (Subtype)Attribute/ClassMagickaPowerHealthRarityText
Ald'ruhn Arms MasterAld’ruhn Arms MasterCreature (Dark Elf)Strength Strength4232Rare RareCharge, Rally
Ash BerserkerAsh BerserkerCreature (Ash Creature)Strength Strength4332Rare RareAt the end of your turn, if you have a creature with 5 power or more, draw a card.
Ashlander ZealotAshlander ZealotCreature (Dark Elf)Strength Strength1121Common CommonSummon: Battle an enemy creature.
Aspect of HircineAspect of HircineCreature (Werewolf, Daedra)Strength Strength9664Legendary LegendarySummon: Choose one:
Strength: +6/+6 and Guard.
Speed: Gains Charge.
BushwhackBushwhackActionStrength Strength01Common CommonA friendly creature ignores Guards and can attack creatures in any lane this turn.
Camonna Tong HeavyCamonna Tong HeavyCreature (Orc)Strength Strength5432Rare RarePlot: Unsummon a creature in this lane with less power than Camonna Tong Heavy.
Cliff HunterCliff HunterCreature (Reptile)Strength Strength6331Common CommonProphecy
Summon: Battle
an enemy creature.
Corprus DiseaseCorprus DiseaseActionStrength Strength12Rare RareSilence a creature, then give it +2/+0.
Dagoth DaggerDagoth DaggerItemStrength Strength11Common CommonBreakthrough
Dagoth OathmanDagoth OathmanCreature (Ash Creature)Strength Strength3331Common CommonSummon: If you have a…
Agility card in play, +1/+1.
Intelligence card in play, +1/+1.
Intelligence card in play, +1/+1.
False IncarnateFalse IncarnateCreature (Dark Elf)Strength Strength4543Epic EpicYour opponent can’t gain health.
Fetcherfly GolemFetcherfly GolemCreature (Daedra, Atronach)Strength Strength5553Epic EpicWhen Fetcherfly Golem takes damage and survives, summon a 2/2 Fetcherfly Swarm.
Fighters Guild HallFighters Guild HallSupportStrength Strength22Rare RareOngoing

When a friendly creature takes damage on your turn, give it +2/+0.

Fighters Guild StewardFighters Guild StewardCreature (Nord)Strength Strength4332Rare RareSummon: A friendly creature with 5 or more power Battles an enemy creature.
Hlaalu SharpshooterHlaalu SharpshooterCreature (Nord)Strength Strength3233Epic EpicPlot: Silence a creature, then deal 1 damage to it.
Imposter's MissionImposter’s MissionActionStrength Strength43Epic EpicSummon an Imposter with power and health equal to the power of your most powerful creature.
Lower Canton SmithLower Canton SmithCreature (Dark Elf)Strength Strength3221Common CommonPlot: Equip a friendly creature with a +2/+2 Steel Scimitar.
Ornery KagoutiOrnery KagoutiCreature (Beast)Strength Strength2321Common CommonBreakthrough
Redoran BattlespearRedoran BattlespearItemStrength Strength31Common CommonRally
Sarethi ScionSarethi ScionCreature (Dark Elf)Strength Strength1111Common CommonRally
Servant of DagothServant of DagothCreature (Ash Creature)Strength Strength5441Common CommonSummon: If you have a creature with 5 power or more, +2/+2 and Guard.
Sharp-Eyed AshkhanSharp-Eyed AshkhanCreature (Dark Elf)Strength Strength6664Legendary LegendaryPlot: Discard your hand, then draw three cards.
Skar DrillmasterSkar DrillmasterCreature (Redguard)Strength Strength6554Legendary LegendaryRally
When Skar Drillmaster Rallies a creature, put a copy of the rallied creature into your hand with +1/+1.
Stendarr's HammerStendarr’s HammerItemStrength Strength54Legendary LegendarySummon: Double the wielder’s power and health.
The wielder can only attack creatures.
The Red YearThe Red YearActionStrength Strength104Legendary LegendaryDeal 10 damage to each creature.


NameType (Subtype)Attribute/ClassMagickaPowerHealthRarityText
Ash PiercerAsh PiercerCreature (Ash Creature)Intelligence Intelligence5342Rare RareSummon: Deal 3 damage to a creature if you have a creature with 5 power or more.
Barilzar's TinkeringBarilzar’s TinkeringActionIntelligence Intelligence22Rare RareBetray
Transform a creature into a random creature that costs 1 more.
Burning TouchBurning TouchActionIntelligence Intelligence31Common CommonProphecy
Deal 2 damage to a creature.
Clockwork City PilgrimClockwork City PilgrimCreature (High Elf)Intelligence Intelligence3331Common CommonGuard
Exalt 3: +2/+2.
Enamor's KeeperEnamor’s KeeperCreature (Dark Elf)Intelligence Intelligence3434Legendary LegendaryExalt 4: Equip a +5/+0 Heirloom Greatsword to Enamor’s Keeper.
Falling WizardFalling WizardCreature (Wood Elf)Intelligence Intelligence2553Epic EpicSummon: Falling Wizard deals 5 damage to himself.
Last Gasp: Put an Experimental Scroll into your hand.
Genius PathmageGenius PathmageCreature (Breton)Intelligence Intelligence7444Legendary LegendarySummon: Summon a random creature from your deck with cost equal to your current magicka.
Ghostgate DefenderGhostgate DefenderCreature (Dark Elf)Intelligence Intelligence1132Rare RareGuard
Exalt 3: Deal 2 damage to a creature.
Hatchery MeddlerHatchery MeddlerCreature (Dark Elf)Intelligence Intelligence4532Rare RareSummon: Swap a creature’s power and health.
Lame CorprusLame CorprusCreature (Ash Creature)Intelligence Intelligence6561Common Common
Mages Guild RecruitMages Guild RecruitCreature (Argonian)Intelligence Intelligence2121Common CommonSummon: Reduce the cost of an action in your hand by 2.
Mighty ConjuringMighty ConjuringActionIntelligence Intelligence74Legendary LegendarySummon a random Atronach. If you have a creature with 5 power or more, summon a Lava Atronach instead.
Poetic ArmigerPoetic ArmigerCreature (Dark Elf)Intelligence Intelligence2232Rare RareExalt 1: Gain a random Keyword.
Seyda Neen CourierSeyda Neen CourierCreature (Dark Elf)Intelligence Intelligence2011Common CommonSummon: Equip a +3/+0 Steel Sword to a friendly creature.
Sixth House AmuletSixth House AmuletItemIntelligence Intelligence11Common Common+1/+1
Summon: If the wielder has 5 power or more, it gains a Ward.
Sotha SilSotha SilCreature (God)Intelligence Intelligence9444Legendary LegendaryExalt 3: +4/+4
At the end of your turn, if you have an Exalted creature in play, summon an Awakened Imperfect.
Spirit KnifeSpirit KnifeActionIntelligence Intelligence71Common CommonDeal 7 damage to a creature. Draw a card.
Tel Vos MagisterTel Vos MagisterCreature (Dark Elf)Intelligence Intelligence6543Epic EpicWard
At the end of your turn, if Tel Vos Magister has a Ward, you gain a Ward.
Temple ConjurerTemple ConjurerCreature (Dark Elf)Intelligence Intelligence2222Rare RareExalt 3: Summon a 5/3 Flame Atronach with Breakthrough.
TheranaTheranaCreature (Dark Elf)Intelligence Intelligence5384Legendary LegendaryAfter you play an action, shuffle three 0-cost copies of that action into your deck.
Therana's LawmanTherana’s LawmanCreature (High Elf)Intelligence Intelligence8551Common CommonGuard, Ward
Traitor's FlamesTraitor’s FlamesActionIntelligence Intelligence73Epic EpicBetray
Deal 2 damage to all enemy creatures in a lane.
Tribunal OathmanTribunal OathmanCreature (Dark Elf)Intelligence Intelligence4331Common CommonSummon: If you have a…
Willpower card in play, you gain 4 health.
Endurance card in play, you gain 4 health.
Endurance card in play, gain +1 max magicka.
Vigilant AncestorVigilant AncestorCreature (Spirit)Intelligence Intelligence3543Epic EpicGuard
Vigilant Ancestor is permanently Shackled.
Wild ClumsinessWild ClumsinessActionIntelligence Intelligence31Common CommonBetray
Shackle a random enemy creature in each lane.


NameType (Subtype)Attribute/ClassMagickaPowerHealthRarityText
Ambitious HirelingAmbitious HirelingCreature (Wood Elf)Willpower Willpower2111Common CommonSummon: Give another friendly creature power and health equal to Ambitious Hireling’s power.
Balmora CaptainBalmora CaptainCreature (Dark Elf)Willpower Willpower5444Legendary LegendaryRally 2
Your other Rallies give an extra +1/+1.
Chodala's TreacheryChodala’s TreacheryActionWillpower Willpower94Legendary LegendaryDestroy a creature.
Plot: Steal the creature instead.
Crassius' FavorCrassius’ FavorActionWillpower Willpower22Rare RareSummon two 1/1 Imperial Grunts to a lane.
Plot: Gain 1 health for each friendly creature in that lane.
Dren BodyguardDren BodyguardCreature (Dark Elf)Willpower Willpower5551Common CommonGuard
Ebonheart OracleEbonheart OracleCreature (Imperial)Willpower Willpower5354Legendary LegendaryDrain
Double the amount of health you gain.
Feasting HungerFeasting HungerCreature (Daedra)Willpower Willpower3332Rare RareGuard
You gain 1 health for each enemy creature.
Gavel of the OrdinatorGavel of the OrdinatorItemWillpower Willpower21Common Common+2/+0
Summon: The wielder is immune to damage this turn.
Grand InquisitorGrand InquisitorCreature (Dark Elf)Willpower Willpower4232Rare RareExalt 4: +3/+3.
Summon: Destroy a creature with less power than Grand Inquisitor.
Hlaalu OathmanHlaalu OathmanCreature (Dark Elf)Willpower Willpower3111Common CommonSummon: If you have a…
Agility card in play, gain 3 magicka this turn.
Strength card in play, gain 3 magicka this turn.
Strength card in play, draw a card.
Illusory DefensesIllusory DefensesActionWillpower Willpower11Common CommonProphecy
Summon a 0/5 Illusory Wall with Guard in each lane. Sacrifice them at the start of your turn.
Khuul LawkeeperKhuul LawkeeperCreature (Dark Elf)Willpower Willpower3162Rare RareGuard, Rally
Kwama QueenKwama QueenCreature (Kwama)Willpower Willpower5443Epic EpicPlot: Summon a 1/1 Kwama Forager in each lane.
Other friendly Kwama have +1/+0.
Light of the ThreeLight of the ThreeCreature (Dark Elf)Willpower Willpower5443Epic EpicExalt 2: Give other friendly creatures in this lane +2/+2.
Moonmoth CastellanMoonmoth CastellanCreature (Imperial)Willpower Willpower4431Common CommonGuard
Put a random Guard into your hand.
Morag Tong NightbladeMorag Tong NightbladeCreature (Dark Elf)Willpower Willpower4343Epic EpicSummon: Summon a 0/1 Target with Guard for your opponent.
Slay: Draw a card. If it’s an action, reduce its cost to 0.
Orvas' BargainOrvas’ BargainActionWillpower Willpower02Rare RareGive an enemy creature -1/-0 and a friendly creature +1/+0 this turn.
Prison ShipPrison ShipCreature (Defense)Willpower Willpower3052Rare RareSummon: Shackle an enemy creature while you have Prison Ship.
Shrine GuardianShrine GuardianCreature (Daedra)Willpower Willpower8883Epic EpicGuard
When your opponent summons a creature, reduce its power to 0 until the start of your turn.
Stand WatchStand WatchActionWillpower Willpower21Common CommonProphecy
Give a creature Guard. Draw a card.
UmbraUmbraItemWillpower Willpower64Legendary Legendary+3/+5
At the start of your turn, the wielder Battles an enemy creature of Umbra’s choosing.
VivecVivecCreature (God)Willpower Willpower5554Legendary LegendaryExalt 3: +5/+5
While you have an Exalted creature in play, you can’t lose the game.
Vivec City PilgrimVivec City PilgrimCreature (Nord)Willpower Willpower2221Common CommonDrain
Exalt 3:
Warclaw MercenaryWarclaw MercenaryCreature (Khajiit)Willpower Willpower2221Common CommonRally
Writ of ExecutionWrit of ExecutionActionWillpower Willpower41Common CommonChoose an enemy creature. At the start of your turn, destroy it and put a Completed Contract into your hand.


NameType (Subtype)Attribute/ClassMagickaPowerHealthRarityText
Ash OppressorAsh OppressorCreature (Ash Creature)Agility Agility3431Common CommonSummon: If you have a creature with 5 power or more, Shackle an enemy creature.
Awakened DreamerAwakened DreamerCreature (Dark Elf)Agility Agility2232Rare RareAt the end of your turn, if you have a creature with 5 power or more, Awakened Dreamer gains +1/+1.
Berne Clan NightstalkerBerne Clan NightstalkerCreature (Vampire)Agility Agility5534Legendary LegendarySummon: Secretly choose an enemy creature.
Last Gasp: Destroy the chosen creature.
Blighted WerebatBlighted WerebatCreature (Beast)Agility Agility5443Epic EpicDrain
At the end of your turn, if you have a creature with 5 power or more, deal 2 damage to your opponent.
Blood SacramentBlood SacramentActionAgility Agility32Rare RareBetray
Deal 2 damage to your opponent and gain 2 health.
Cliff Racer OnslaughtCliff Racer OnslaughtActionAgility Agility94Legendary LegendarySummon a 4/4 Cliff Racer with Charge in each lane. Your opponent summons a 0/1 Target with Guard in each lane.
Cliff StriderCliff StriderCreature (Reptile)Agility Agility4343Epic EpicCharge
Can’t attack your opponent. At the end of your turn, if there are no enemy creatures in this lane, move Cliff Strider.
Cornerclub GamblerCornerclub GamblerCreature (Wood Elf)Agility Agility3433Epic EpicSummon: You must discard a card.
At the start of your turn, draw two cards and Cornerclub Gambler loses this ability.
Deranged CorprusDeranged CorprusCreature (Ash Creature)Agility Agility2011Common CommonDeranged Corprus has +5/+0 on your turn.
Drain BloodDrain BloodActionAgility Agility41Common CommonBetray
Give a creature -2/-2.
Dres SpyDres SpyCreature (Dark Elf)Agility Agility0111Common CommonSummon: Look at the top card of your deck. You may discard it.
Fleeting ApparitionFleeting ApparitionActionAgility Agility53Epic EpicBetray
Summon a random creature from your deck that costs 3 or less to a random lane. Unsummon it at the end of your turn.
Gentleman Jim StaceyGentleman Jim StaceyCreature (Redguard)Agility Agility7544Legendary LegendarySummon: Your opponent chooses a card in their hand and gives it to you.
Glass GreavesGlass GreavesItemAgility Agility11Common Common+1/+1
Plot: Reduce the cost of a random card in your hand by 1.
Guar StablemasterGuar StablemasterCreature (Dark Elf)Agility Agility3331Common CommonSummon: +1/+1 and Guard if you have an Animal.
Moon Sugar SmugglerMoon Sugar SmugglerCreature (Khajiit)Agility Agility1112Rare RareLast Gasp: Gain 2 magicka this turn.
Morag Tong AspirantMorag Tong AspirantCreature (Dark Elf)Agility Agility1214Legendary LegendarySlay: Summon a Morag Tong Aspirant.
Morag Tong AssassinMorag Tong AssassinCreature (Dark Elf)Agility Agility2322Rare RareSummon: Summon a 0/1 Target with Guard for your opponent.
Slay: +1/+1
Naryu VirianNaryu VirianCreature (Dark Elf)Agility Agility6664Legendary LegendarySummon: Summon a 0/1 Target with Guard for your opponent in each lane.
Friendly creatures have “Slay: +1/+1 and Lethal.”
Nix-HoundNix-HoundCreature (Beast)Agility Agility4321Common CommonProphecy
Summon: Shackle
each enemy creature with less power than Nix-Hound.
Nix-OxNix-OxCreature (Beast)Agility Agility7551Common CommonSummon: Gain 5 magicka this turn.
Silt StriderSilt StriderCreature (Beast)Agility Agility2042Rare RareProphecy, Guard
Move a friendly creature to this lane.
Suran PawnbrokerSuran PawnbrokerCreature (Dark Elf)Agility Agility2232Rare RarePlot: Put a random 0-cost card into your hand.
Telvanni OathmanTelvanni OathmanCreature (Dark Elf)Agility Agility5441Common CommonSummon: If you have a…
Intelligence card in play, draw a random action from your deck.
Endurance card in play, draw a random action from your deck.
Endurance card in play, summon a Risen Dead in each lane.
Twin Lamps ConsulTwin Lamps ConsulCreature (Argonian)Agility Agility3241Common CommonPlot: Lethal and Guard.


NameType (Subtype)Attribute/ClassMagickaPowerHealthRarityText
Ald Velothi AssassinAld Velothi AssassinCreature (Breton)Endurance Endurance2122Rare RareLethal, Rally
AlmalexiaAlmalexiaCreature (God)Endurance Endurance7664Legendary LegendaryExalt 3: +6/+6.
Friendly Exalted creatures are immune to damage.
Almalexia's DiscipleAlmalexia’s DiscipleCreature (Dark Elf)Endurance Endurance2232Rare RareExalt 2: Heal all friendly creatures.
Ancestral DeadAncestral DeadCreature (Skeleton)Endurance Endurance3241Common CommonSlay: Summon a Risen Dead.
Aundae Clan SorcererAundae Clan SorcererCreature (Vampire)Endurance Endurance3434Legendary LegendaryAt the end of your turn, if three or more creatures died this turn, put a random Blood Magic Spell into your hand.
Bal Isra WarriderBal Isra WarriderCreature (Redguard)Endurance Endurance5361Common CommonRally
Betty NetchBetty NetchCreature (Netch)Endurance Endurance5052Rare RareWhile Betty Netch is in play, your max magicka is increased by 2.
Bloodline OutcastBloodline OutcastCreature (Vampire)Endurance Endurance7771Common CommonWhen a creature dies, Bloodline Outcast gains Drain this turn.
BonewalkerBonewalkerCreature (Skeleton)Endurance Endurance4121Common CommonProphecy, Guard
+1/+1 for each enemy creature in this lane.
Caius CosadesCaius CosadesCreature (Imperial)Endurance Endurance4344Legendary LegendarySummon: Look at two of your opponent’s cards. Guess the one in their hand. If you’re right, give all creatures in your hand +1/+1.
Caius' MachinationsCaius’ MachinationsActionEndurance Endurance22Rare RareBetray
Give the top three creatures of your deck +1/+1.
Daedric CrescentDaedric CrescentItemEndurance Endurance31Common Common+2/+2
Slay: +1/+1
Indomitable OrdinatorIndomitable OrdinatorCreature (Dark Elf)Endurance Endurance5553Epic EpicGuard
Exalt 1:
Your opponent can’t target Indomitable Ordinator with actions.
Indoril MastermindIndoril MastermindCreature (Dark Elf)Endurance Endurance3212Rare RareSummon: Draw a card.
Knight of GnisisKnight of GnisisCreature (Dark Elf)Endurance Endurance3233Epic EpicRally
Summon: Put a 2/2 Colovian Trooper with Guard into your hand.
Lich's AscensionLich’s AscensionSupportEndurance Endurance74Legendary LegendaryOngoing

Your cards cost 0. You may play only one card per turn.

Mournhold PilgrimMournhold PilgrimCreature (Dark Elf)Endurance Endurance4441Common CommonRegenerate
Exalt 3:
Mushroom TowerMushroom TowerSupportEndurance Endurance93Epic EpicOngoing

Your actions have Betray.

Odirniran NecromancerOdirniran NecromancerCreature (Dark Elf)Endurance Endurance6334Legendary LegendarySummon: Summon a creature from your discard pile with less power than Odirniran Necromancer.
Quarra Clan BloodkinQuarra Clan BloodkinCreature (Vampire)Endurance Endurance2151Common CommonDrain
Redoran OathmanRedoran OathmanCreature (Dark Elf)Endurance Endurance4331Common CommonSummon: If you have a…
Willpower card in play, double Redoran Oathman’s health.
Strength card in play, double Redoran Oathman’s health.
Strength card in play, double Redoran Oathman’s power.
Rising of BonesRising of BonesActionEndurance Endurance41Common CommonBetray
Summon a 3/3 Risen Horror with Guard.
Skeleton ChampionSkeleton ChampionCreature (Skeleton)Endurance Endurance4443Epic EpicGuard
Give other friendly Skeletons +1/+1.
Trespasser's BaneTrespasser’s BaneActionEndurance Endurance21Common CommonSet a creature’s power to 1.
Vvardvark ExperimentVvardvark ExperimentActionEndurance Endurance02Rare RareSummon a 0/1 Vvardvark in each lane.


NameType (Subtype)Attribute/ClassMagickaPowerHealthRarityText
Bolvyn VenimBolvyn VenimCreature (Dark Elf)StrengthWillpowerWillpowerEndurance House Redoran3334Legendary LegendaryRally
When you Rally with no creatures in your hand, first draw Bolvyn Venim from your deck.
Inspiring KinsmanInspiring KinsmanCreature (Dark Elf)StrengthWillpowerWillpowerEndurance House Redoran4343Epic EpicRally 2
Last Gasp:
Give a random creature in your hand +2/+2.
Redoran ForerunnerRedoran ForerunnerCreature (Dark Elf)StrengthWillpowerWillpowerEndurance House Redoran2112Rare RareCharge, Drain, Ward
Divayth's ExperimentsDivayth’s ExperimentsActionIntelligenceAgilityAgilityEndurance House Telvanni93Epic EpicBetray
Summon a copy of a friendly creature.
Sun-in-ShadowSun-in-ShadowCreature (Argonian)IntelligenceAgilityAgilityEndurance House Telvanni5464Legendary LegendarySummon: Permanently Shackle another friendly creature to draw an action of your choice from your deck.
Telvanni CatspawTelvanni CatspawCreature (Dark Elf)IntelligenceAgilityAgilityEndurance House Telvanni3222Rare RareLast Gasp: Draw a card. If Telvanni Catspaw was sacrificed, draw two cards instead.
Balmora PuppeteerBalmora PuppeteerCreature (Dark Elf)StrengthWillpowerWillpowerAgility House Hlaalu2222Rare RarePlot: +1/+1 for each other card you’ve played this turn.
Duke Vedam DrenDuke Vedam DrenCreature (Dark Elf)StrengthWillpowerWillpowerAgility House Hlaalu5454Legendary LegendaryThe first time you play a card each turn, draw a random card from your deck with cost equal to your remaining magicka.
Haunted ManorHaunted ManorSupportStrengthWillpowerWillpowerAgility House Hlaalu43Epic EpicOngoing

Give the second creature you summon each turn +2/+2.

Archcanon SaryoniArchcanon SaryoniCreature (Dark Elf)IntelligenceWillpowerWillpowerEndurance Tribunal Temple4334Legendary LegendarySummon: Choose a blessing from one of the Tribunal gods.
Exalt 3: Gain all three blessings instead.
Power of the AlmsiviPower of the AlmsiviActionIntelligenceWillpowerWillpowerEndurance Tribunal Temple83Epic EpicSet each creature’s power and health to 1.
Temple PatriarchTemple PatriarchCreature (Dark Elf)IntelligenceWillpowerWillpowerEndurance Tribunal Temple6552Rare RareSummon: Trigger the Exalt of each friendly creature.
Ascended SleeperAscended SleeperCreature (Ash Creature)StrengthIntelligenceIntelligenceAgility House Dagoth6362Rare RareGuard
At the end of your turn, if you have a creature with 5 power or more, reduce the cost of all creatures in your hand by 1.
Dagoth UrDagoth UrCreature (God)StrengthIntelligenceIntelligenceAgility House Dagoth12884Legendary LegendaryBreakthrough, Charge, Drain, Guard, Lethal, Ward
Hand of DagothHand of DagothCreature (Ash Creature)StrengthIntelligenceIntelligenceAgility House Dagoth5543Epic EpicBreakthrough, Drain, Ward


NameType (Subtype)Attribute/ClassMagickaPowerHealthRarityText
Blueclaw MatronBlueclaw MatronCreature (Dreugh)Neutral Neutral7381Common Common
DismantleDismantleActionNeutral Neutral32Rare RareDestroy an enemy support or Neutral creature.
Dwemer Puzzle BoxDwemer Puzzle BoxSupportNeutral Neutral22Rare RareUses: 3

Activate: Discard the top card of your deck.
Last Gasp: Draw a card.

JiubJiubCreature (Dark Elf)Neutral Neutral1114Legendary LegendarySlay: Change into Saint Jiub, Eradicator of the Winged Menace.
Mudcrab MerchantMudcrab MerchantCreature (Mudcrab)Neutral Neutral1123Epic EpicSummon: The Merchant shows you two cards he has for sale. Choose one to put into your hand. He puts the other into your opponent’s hand.
Silent PilgrimSilent PilgrimCreature (Dark Elf)Neutral Neutral3112Rare RareSummon: Draw a random multi-attribute card from your deck.
Stolen PantsStolen PantsItemNeutral Neutral23Epic Epic+1/+1
Summon: Summon a 0/1 Sheepish Dunmer in the other lane.
Last Gasp: Give Sheepish Dunmer his pants.
Unite the HousesUnite the HousesActionNeutral Neutral34Legendary LegendaryIf you have at least one card of each attribute, you win the game.
Yagrum BagarnYagrum BagarnCreature (Dwemer)Neutral Neutral3244Legendary LegendarySummon: Draw a Dwemer from your discard pile and give it +2/+2.

Unobtainable Cards[edit]

NameType (Subtype)Attribute/ClassMagickaPowerHealthRarityText
Fetcherfly SwarmFetcherfly SwarmCreature (Insect)Strength Strength2223Epic Epic
Illusory WallIllusory WallCreature (Defense)Willpower Willpower1051Common CommonGuard
Sacrifice Illusory Wall at the start of your turn.
ImposterImposterCreature (Dark Elf)Strength Strength1variesvaries3Epic Epic
Kwama ForagerKwama ForagerCreature (Kwama)Willpower Willpower1111Common Common
Risen DeadRisen DeadCreature (Skeleton)Endurance Endurance1111Common CommonGuard
Risen HorrorRisen HorrorCreature (Skeleton)Endurance Endurance3331Common CommonGuard
Saint JiubSaint JiubCreature (Dark Elf)Neutral Neutral5554Legendary LegendaryGuard
Can’t be damaged or targeted by Cliff Racers, Cliff Hunters, and Cliff Striders.
Sheepish DunmerSheepish DunmerCreature (Dark Elf)Neutral Neutral0011Common CommonSummon: Give Sheepish Dunmer Cover. While Sheepish Dunmer is pantsless, he does not lose Cover at the start of your turn.
VvardvarkVvardvarkCreature (Beast)Endurance Endurance0011Common Common


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