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Deck codes are strings of text that can be copied to your clipboard to export and import decks from your deck builder. To export a deck code, you click on the Export Deck button in the bottom right of your collection screen and then click the deck you would like to export. You can then paste the deck code in a text editor to save it. To import a deck, you simply copy a deck code to your clipboard and click on +New Deck while in your collection. The game will now automatically ask if you want to import this deck.

Deck names and banners will not be copied and will show the default “new deck”. Decks have to be complete to be exported, but not to be imported.

Code Breakdown[edit]

A random deck code looks like this:


And follows the following formula:

SP XX [1-off card codes] XX [2-off card codes] XX [3-off card codes]

  • SP = start of the deck code
  • XX = These appear three times in sets of two capitalized letters. They correspond to the amount of cards in the deck. The first set corresponds to each single card in the deck, the second for each card that is twice in the deck, the third for each card that is thrice in the deck. The letters follow an alphabetic number system where AA=0, AB=1, AC=2, etc. and thus is basically a base-26 counting system. Keep in mind that the first letter corresponds to the multiplication of 26, so BA would be 26 (B=1*26 + A=0) and CC would be 54 (C=2*26 + C=2).
  • Card codes are two letter ID codes, with at most one capitalized, that correspond to a specific card which can be found on their respective card page. The order of the codes does not matter, as long as they are within the right XX range.

As an example, consider a deck with 1 Bushwhack (ID: cC), 1 Cauterize (ID: sG), and 3 Improvised Weapons (ID: iP). The deck code would be:


Ghost Cards[edit]

You can import decks with cards not in your collection. These will appear with a grey magicka cost in your deck list. You can click on the card to quickly soul summon it or drag it out of the deck list to remove it. The deck will be invalid until you have at least 50 (dual-attribute decks) or 75 (triple-attribute decks) non-ghost cards.

Premium Cards[edit]

Premium cards have the same ID as the non-premium versions. When importing a deck, premium cards will have priority to be included. Cards with alternate art have an even higher priority, even though they also have their own separate ID.

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