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Daily Login Rewards were added to Legends at the start of October 2017. The first time you log in each day, you receive a reward such as card packs, random cards of specific rarities, event tickets, gold, and soul gems. The random card rewards depend on your level. If you are level 50 the cards will be from the latest expansion, and at any lower level they will be from the Core Set. Mystery rewards in the new client will usually be random cards.

The rewards follow a specific order, which will change each month. Logins do not need to be consecutive: if you log in for the first six days, then skip a day, when you log in on the 8th day you will receive the 7th reward. Note that this means that if you miss logging in for too many days, you may miss the more valuable rewards, as the reward schedule will change with the new month. For instance, Legendary cards usually are found in the final days of each month, so missing logging in for several days will mean you missed it for that month.

Current Month[edit]

Login rewards December 2019

Previous Rewards[edit]

October 2017LG-login-Oct 2017.jpg
November 2017LG-login-Nov 2017.jpgThe final two November 2017 rewards (100 soul gems and Legendary card) were switched due to technical difficulties with the servers. This allowed everyone that logged in all other days to still collect the Legendary card. To compensate players that managed to login all days of November, the soul gems on the last day were increased to 400.
December 2017LG-login-Dec 2017.jpg
January 2018LG-login-Jan 2018.jpgThe first two January 2018 rewards were not rewarded due to technical difficulties at the start of the month. Once the issue was resolved, anyone that logged into the game on January 1 or 2, received 5 Gold and 5 Gems, respectively. The first two rewards on January 3 and 4 were increased to 100 soul gems and 100 gold, and the reward calendar was reduced to 29 days so that players who did not manage to log in or receive rewards on the first two days could still receive all rewards.
February 2018LG-login-Feb 2018.jpgFebruary 2018 was the first appearance of “mystery rewards”, each of which was an individual alternate-art Grisly Gourmet (do note that they were not playsets, but only one card per day).
March 2018LG-login-Mar 2018.jpg
April 2018LG-login-Apr 2018.jpgBefore the Houses of Morrowind expansion was released on April 5, the Login Rewards displayed Heroes of Skyrim card packs. On April 8, the Legendary card and the last Soul Gem reward were switched with each other.
May 2018LG-login-May 2018.jpgOne mystery reward was scheduled on May 15 which was revealed to be the Scale Card Back.
June 2018LG-login-Jun 2018.jpg
July 2018LG-login-Jul 2018.jpg
August 2018LG-login-Aug 2018.jpg
September 2018LG-login-Sep 2018.jpgDue to technical difficulties there were only 28 rewards this month. Reward order was slightly altered after the release of the new client.
October 2018LG-login-Oct 2018.jpg
November 2018LG-login-Nov 2018.jpg
December 2018LG-login-Dec 2018.jpgThe 60 Soul Gems and the Legendary reward were switched on December 11. From now on it is possible to claim the Legendary reward without the requirement to login every day.
January 2019LG-login-Jan 2019.jpg
February 2019LG-login-Feb 2019 02.jpgThe mystery rewards were removed on February 3.
March 2019LG-login-Mar 2019 02.jpgThere was a reward with 1Soul Gems which was changed before it could be rewarded.
April 2019LG-login-Apr 2019 02.jpgThe reward order was changed, because there were 31 rewards while there are only 30 days in April. The mystery reward was an Alliance War card pack.
May 2019LG-login-May 2019.jpg
June 2019LG-login-Jun 2019.jpg
July 2019LG-login-Jul 2019.jpg
August 2019LG-login-Aug 2019.jpg
September 2019LG-login-Sep 2019.jpg
October 2019LG-login-Oct 2019.jpgThe mystery reward was a Moons of Elsweyr Card Pack.
November 2019LG-login-Nov 2019.jpg
December 2019LG-login-Dec 2019.jpg

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