Legends:The Siege of the Imperial City

Besiege the Empire‘s occupied capital.
Opponent Name:High Elf Guard
Opponent Class:IntelligenceWillpowerWillpower Mage
Starting Health:30
Special Conditions:Fight through the City Gates on the left lane to be able to fight on the right lane.
Story Characters:Laaneth, Cassia
Previous Quest:A Knife in the Dark
Next Quest:The Showdown
Reward:Mantikora, Snowy Sabre Cat
High Elf Guard

Chapter 19: The Siege of the Imperial City[edit]

The Siege of the Imperial City is the fifth battle of Act III. You lead the charge on the Imperial City, disguised as the Emperor.

The opponent starts with a City Gates card in play, and it must be defeated before cards can be played in the right lane: even cards that summon a creature in both lanes will not summon one to the right lane while City Gates still stands.



Kellen: “Free from prying eyes, the Imperial forces launched a surprise attack from the West, followed by a similar attack from Cheydinhal. The hero would then lead the charge to the city gates.”
Laaneth: “Well, in that armor you certainly look like the emperor.”
Cassia: “Form up on the emperor! Charge!”

Game Hint:

“You options are limited until you storm the City Gates.”

During the match:

Cassia: “Alright, troops. Our job is to take that gate, and fast!”


Cassia: “We’re through! Come on, we’ve got to find Naarifin before it’s too late.”

Opponent Deck[edit]

Deck List
QuantityAttributesNameType (Subtype)MagickaPowerHealthRarityAbility
1xIntelligenceLesser WardAction01Common CommonGive a creature a Ward.
2xIntelligenceFireboltAction11Common CommonDeal 2 damage to a creature.
3xWillpowerAldmeri PatriotCreature (High Elf)1122Rare RareSummon: +1/+1 if you have an action in your hand.
2xWillpowerSunhold MedicCreature (High Elf)1111Common CommonSummon: Give a creature +0/+2.
1xWillpowerDetainAction22Rare RareShackle a creature.
1xIntelligenceWisdom of Ancients ProphecyAction23Epic EpicProphecy
Give each friendly creature a random Keyword.
2xIntelligenceCrystal Tower CrafterCreature (High Elf)2111Common CommonAfter you play an action, Crystal Tower Crafter gains +1/+1.
2xIntelligenceDaedra WorshiperCreature (High Elf)2221Common Common
2xWillpowerSummerset ShieldmageCreature (High Elf)2221Common CommonOther friendly creatures in this lane have +0/+1.
2xNeutralCrushing BlowAction31Common CommonDeal 3 damage.
2xWillpowerResolute AllyCreature (High Elf)3331Common CommonSummon: Give other friendly creatures in this lane +1/+1 if the top card of your deck is Willpower.
2xIntelligenceFire Storm ProphecyAction42Rare RareProphecy
Deal 2 damage to all creatures in a lane.
1xIntelligenceLightning Bolt ProphecyAction41Common CommonProphecy
Deal 4 damage.
1xWillpowerWar CryAction42Rare RareGive friendly creatures in a lane +2/+0 this turn.
2xWillpowerAuridon PaladinCreature (High Elf)4441Common CommonWhen you play an action, Auridon Paladin gains Drain this turn.
1xWillpowerPiercing Javelin ProphecyAction51Common CommonProphecy
Destroy a creature.
1xIntelligenceLillandril HexmageCreature (High Elf)5541Common CommonAfter you play an action, deal 1 damage to your opponent.
1xIntelligenceIce StormAction63Epic EpicDeal 3 damage to all creatures.
1xIntelligenceWillpowerWillpowerSkywatch VindicatorCreature (High Elf)6443Epic EpicSummon: Deal 2 damage to an enemy creature or give a friendly creature +2/+2.

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