In Legends, nearly all matches begin with players having runes. With few exceptions, matches begin with each player having a rune that corresponds to 5, 10, 15, 20, and 25 health, with each rune being ‘broken’ each time a health threshold is reached. Runes take the form of a glyph from the Elder Alphabet, and they are blue in appearance.[verification needed — Maybe add a picture?] When a rune is broken, a card is drawn, and thus will generate card advantage for the defending player. When the drawn card has Prophecy, it will be highlighted and can be summoned for free. This punishes players that attack the opponent’s health without consideration of the runes.

While runes generally cannot be restored even if a player’s health rises over its threshold, they can be restored by specific cards. Additionally, Nords have a theme of benefiting from broken runes and Werewolves usually activate their Beast Form upon breaking a one.

Cards associated with Runes[edit]

Cards with Rune break effects[edit]

NameType (Subtype)Attribute/ClassMagickaPowerHealthRarityText
Dawnstar HealerDawnstar HealerCreature (Nord)Willpower Willpower3333Epic EpicAfter an enemy rune is destroyed, you gain 3 health.
Eastmarch CrusaderEastmarch CrusaderCreature (Nord)Willpower Willpower3422Rare RareSummon: Draw a card if an enemy rune has been destroyed this game.
Haafingar MarauderHaafingar MarauderCreature (Nord)Willpower Willpower5534Legendary LegendaryWhen a friendly creature destroys an enemy rune, equip it with a random item.
Morthal ExecutionerMorthal ExecutionerCreature (Nord)Willpower Willpower3242Rare RareWhen an enemy rune is destroyed, Morthal Executioner gains +2/+0.
Relentless RaiderRelentless RaiderCreature (Nord)Strength Strength1214Legendary LegendaryWhen an enemy rune is destroyed, deal 1 damage to your opponent.
Riften PillagerRiften PillagerCreature (Nord)Strength Strength3231Common CommonSummon: +1/+1 for each destroyed enemy rune.
Ulfric's HousecarlUlfric’s HousecarlCreature (Nord)StrengthWillpowerWillpower Crusader4333Epic EpicWhen an enemy rune is destroyed, draw a card.

Cards that restore Runes[edit]

NameType (Subtype)Attribute/ClassMagickaPowerHealthRarityText
Morokei, the DeathlessMorokei, the DeathlessCreature (Skeleton)Neutral Neutral5554Legendary LegendarySummon: If you started the game with no duplicate cards in your deck, you gain 5 health and restore a rune.
The Mechanical HeartThe Mechanical HeartSupportWillpower Willpower64Legendary LegendaryOngoing

When you have 0 or less health, sacrifice The Mechanical Heart, set your health to 10, and restore a rune.

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