Spriggans often called Nature’s Guardians, are tree spirits that take the form of female humanoids. They possess moderate intelligence, but despite being revered they are usually hostile towards travelers. A complete list of Spriggan cards found in Legends can be found in the Legends-Cards-Creature-Spriggan category.


NameType (Subtype)Attribute/ClassMagickaPowerHealthRarityText
Eldergleam MatronEldergleam MatronCreature (Spriggan)Agility Agility3422Rare RareSummon: Put a random Animal into your hand.
Gnarl RootbenderGnarl RootbenderCreature (Spriggan)Intelligence Intelligence5542Rare RareWhen an action targets Gnarl Rootbender, draw a card.
Greatwood ElderGreatwood ElderCreature (Spriggan)Agility Agility5452Rare RareGuard
If Greatwood Elder is in your hand at the start of your first turn, gain 1 magicka this turn.
Green-Touched SprigganGreen-Touched SprigganCreature (Spriggan)Agility Agility5153Epic EpicWhen you gain health, Green-Touched Spriggan gains that much power.
Shadowgreen ElderShadowgreen ElderCreature (Spriggan)Agility Agility7553Epic EpicSummon: Give other friendly Spriggans and Animals +2/+2.
Voracious SprigganVoracious SprigganCreature (Spriggan)Agility Agility1211Common CommonDrain
Wild BeastcallerWild BeastcallerCreature (Spriggan)Agility Agility6343Epic EpicSummon: Summon a random Animal.

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