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Chaos Arena

Chaos Arena was a monthly arena event in The Elder Scrolls Legends. It was centered around Sheogorath and featured an updated temporary Versus Arena. All players logging in during the event got a free core set card pack after the event. Standard modes were still available during the event.

The first Chaos Arena took place from December 14, 2016 until December 20, 2016, and was popular enough that it was made a monthly event. The Chaos Arena was discontinued during the switch to the Sparkypants client and has not returned.


Chaos Arena has the same rules Versus Arena with the exception that every match features one or two special scenarios or lanes. The avatar art is humorously edited, and the lanes feature art specific to the type of lane, as well. On November 17, Wabbajack was introduced as a new feature. You can use Wabbajack up to five times during a draft to transform your three card picks into three new random cards. The Wabbajacked cards are the same rarity as the original picks, but are not restricted by your chosen class.


As with the Versus and Solo Arena, every time you earn a rank, you earn a promotion reward of fifty gold. You earn a rank every time you defeat seven opponents. Chaos Arena shares its ranking system with Versus Arena, but is independent from Solo Arena, though the progression and naming scheme are identical.

A list of ranks follows:

LG-icon-Pit Dog.pngPit Dog (Rank 9)
LG-icon-Brawler.pngBrawler (Rank 8)
LG-icon-Bloodletter.pngBloodletter (Rank 7)
LG-icon-Myrmidon.pngMyrmidon (Rank 6)
LG-icon-Warrior.pngWarrior (Rank 5)
LG-icon-Gladiator.pngGladiator (Rank 4)
LG-icon-Hero.pngHero (Rank 3)
LG-icon-Champion.pngChampion (Rank 2)
LG-icon-Grand Champion.pngGrand Champion (Rank 1)

Starting Conditions[edit]


Each match has a chance to have one of the following scenarios.

Chaos Arena Scenarios
ArtNameIn-game descriptionConditionSheogorath’s Announcement
LG-cardart-Broken Bottles.pngAll Out BrawlBoth of you come to battle with bottles at the ready.Both players start with Broken Bottles in play.I told ye to get bloody! If I tell you something I often mean it.
LG-cardart-Steel Scimitar.pngDuelEach of you warriors is ready for battleBoth player start with a Crowd Favorite in opposite lanes.I’ve sent each of you a little helper. Try not to get them killed too horrifically. You know, just horrifically enough.
LG-cardart-Tyr.pngHero’s CallThree heroes come to aid you into battle.Three random Unique creature cards are shuffled in both player’s deck.I found three of the greatest heroes in history to die pointlessly for ye.
LG-cardart-Sweet Roll.pngOn a RollDelicious pastries have been provided.Both players start with a Sweet Roll in both lanes.Look! Delicious snacks lying around on the unspeakably filthy floor of the Arena.
LG-art-CRDL 01 065.pngPower StruggleThe battlefield seethes with mystical power, giving both players extra magicka.Both players start with 1 extra max magicka.I am bored! Bored, bored! Let speed up this little fight, shall we?
LG-cardart-Descendant of Alkosh.pngPower UnleashedThe battlefield is overflowing with mystical power, giving both players THREE extra magicka.Both players start with 3 extra max magicka.I bestow upon you unlimited power! However, know that this kind of power comes with certain… limitations.
LG-cardart-Wabbajack.pngSheogorath’s GameBoth players start with a mysterious staff in play.Both players start with Wabbajack in play.You’ve got to use your Wabbajack to the defeat your enemy. While… hahaha get this, they use their Wabbajack to defeat you!
LG-cardart-Altmer Protector.pngShields UpYou each come to battle with defenses ready.Both players start with an Altmer Protector in opposite lanes.Here, these poor sods should keep you alive for a while. I’d hate to see you die too quickly.
LG-cardart-Slaughterfish Spawning.pngSpawning PoolSlaughterfish are circling their prey.Both player start with a Slaughterfish in opposite lanes.Ah the noble fish! Oooh and these are the murdery ones.
LG-cardart-Gladiator Arena.pngTo the Death!A Gladiator Arena starts in play, damaging each player every turn.Player 1 starts with a Gladiator Arena in play.Within this gladiator arena, I’ve placed a smaller gladiator arena.
LG-cardart-Blackmail.pngYour Own Worst EnemySwap decks with your opponent and see what’s it like to battle yourself!Players switch decks at the start of the game.Turn your enemies weaknesses into a strength and… into additional weaknesses.


The one or two of the following lanes can replace or found in conjunction with the Field and/or the Shadow lane. For more information about Lanes, see here.

Chaos Arena Lanes
Lane NameIconIn-game DescriptionSheogorath’s AnnouncementPlaymat Art
After you summon a creature here, a random friendly creature here gets +1/+1.Today at the Arena pointy toys for everyone!LG-chaosarena-Armory.png
Ballista Tower
LG-lane-Ballista Tower.png
At the start of your turn, if you have the most creatures here, deal 2 damage to the opponent.Oooh… this ballista looks like fun. Let’s puts some holes into people!LG-chaosarena-Ballista Tower.png
After you summon a creature here with 4 or more power, draw a card.You’ll want some big lads for this fight. Mammoths! Ogres! Extra large mice. Whatever you can find.LG-chaosarena-Barracks.png
After you summon a creature here, friendly creatures gain its keyword.Come, burn yourself by the fire. Or someone else if you feel hospitable.LG-chaosarena-Campfire.png
Champion’s Arena
LG-lane-Champion's Arena.png
The first creature here you attack with each turn can attack an additional time.What’s better than attacking once? Pie! Pie. And attacking twice.LG-chaosarena-Champion's Arena.png
Flanking Lane
LG-lane-Flanking Lane.png
When a creature is summoned to a Flanking Lane, friendly creatures in the other lane get +1/+0.[verification needed — needs in-game description]They say there is strength in numbers! But they never mentions letters. *gasp* Are letters weak and lazy?LG-chaosarena-Flanking Lane.png
Guards here have +1/+1.Keep on your guard! Until he tells you to get off.LG-chaosarena-Fortifications.png
Creatures with 2 power or less summoned here gain a Ward.Have a drink mortal. I haven’t poisoned anyone in at least a week.LG-chaosarena-Fountain.png
After a creature other than Rotting Draugr is destroyed, summon a 1/1 Rotting Draugr.Is that bones I hear rattling around down there. Or is it something I ate? I hope I didn’t eat any bones.LG-chaosarena-Graveyard.png
Hall of Mirrors
LG-lane-Hall of Mirrors.png
If there are no friendly creatures here when you summon one, copy it.The Hall of Mirrors! Oh that would be just the place to fight a vampire, wouldn’t it? Oh there would be hundreds of you, but only one of him. Hohoho I must try that.LG-chaosarena-Hall of Mirrors.png
Killing Field
LG-lane-Killing Field.png
Creatures here have +1/+0.Looks like a fine place for some bloodshed. And that’s my very favorite kind of shed.LG-chaosarena-Killing Field.png
King of the Hill
LG-lane-King of the Hill.png
After a creature with cost 5 or greater is summoned here, give it Guard.Only the strongest survive here! The weakest survive… somewhere else.LG-chaosarena-King of the Hill.png
While you have a creature here, actions cost 1 less.Books! Hahaha! I love books! Ye know there’re people who read all the words in order.LG-chaosarena-Library.png
Creatures summoned here gain a random keyword.Mother always said I had a hidden talent. So I tortured her until she told me where it was.LG-chaosarena-Lucky.png
Mage Tower
LG-lane-Mage Tower.png
After you play an action, summon a random creature in this lane with the same cost.Dare you venture into the Mage Tower? I mean you really should, it is comfy in there.LG-chaosarena-Mage Tower.png
After a creature is summoned here, attach a random item to it.Uncle Sheogorath is handing out goodies today! If you happen to live, you can keep them.LG-chaosarena-Plunder.png
Creatures here have Regenerate.Never let it be said that I don’t have a heart. I have room full of them around here somewhere.LG-chaosarena-Renewal.png
Creatures entering this lane gain Cover and can’t can’t be attacked for one turn.n/aLG-chaosarena-Cover.png
Creatures here have Breakthrough.With my help you’ll be unstoppable. And so will the fella trying to kill ye. Win-win.LG-chaosarena-Siege.png
After you summon a creature here, reduce the cost of a random card in your hand by 1.My cup runneth over mortal, quick, catch it, before it walketh under.LG-chaosarena-Surplus.png
After you summon a creature here, gain 1 health.Look! I found you a place to worship… me. You’re welcome.LG-chaosarena-Temple.png
After you summon a creature here, deal 1 damage to your opponent.This should be fun! Or brutal. I always get those two confused.LG-chaosarena-Warzone.png
At the end of your opponent’s turn, a random creature switches lanes.Do you know what causes wind? Sneezing trees! Haha, I read that somewhere. Well I wrote it down and then I read it. Ha, I believe everything I read.LG-chaosarena-Windy.png
After you summon a creature here, transform it into a random Animal.Zoo! Haha, I love zoos! Bring me a narwhal!LG-chaosarena-Zoo.png
Unused Lanes
Lane NameIconIn-game DescriptionSheogorath’s AnnouncementPlaymat Art
All creatures in a Blitz lane lose Guard.n/aLG-chaosarena-Blitz.png
Highly Charged
LG-lane-Highly Charged.png
n/an/aLG-chaosarena-Highly Charged.png
Inner Fire
LG-lane-Inner Fire.png
n/aEveryone has a little fire inside of them. Oh and snakes.LG-chaosarena-Inner Fire.png
Wispmother’s Blessing
LG-lane-Wispmother's Blessing.png
n/aI just can’t get enough ghosts! Mmh… perhaps I should make you into one.LG-chaosarena-Wispmother's Blessing.png

Arena Announcer[edit]

The following is a list of quotes from Sheogorath in the Chaos Arena. He is voiced by Wes Johnson, the same voice actor as its Shivering Isles counterpart.

Sheogorath Quote List
Entering the Arena
First Chaos ArenaAnnouncer: Welcome good people of the… eh… hey, who are you? What are you… aaah!
Sheogorath: Ahem, salutations mortals. I am Sheogorath, Daedric Prince of Madness. And I think we can make this Arena a wee bit more interesting! Step right up.
Greetings and salutations insufferable mortal. Fancy a fight? To the death?
Welcome to my Arena of Chaos mortal. Please, enjoy your disembowelment.
Thanks for stopping by the Chaos Arena. I promise a carnival of carnage! Oh… and cheese!
Look! Hahahaha! Another fool ready to leap in the jaws of certain doom… uh… come on in.
Some are born mad, some achieve madness, and some have madness thrust upon them. Do you have a personal preference? I know people. I’d be happy to put in a word.
Selecting Class
ArcherI wouldn’t get too close to an Archer, or too far, or a medium distance.
AssassinThe Assassin! A noble calling, makes the world a better place.
BattlemageA wee Battlemage! Oh, I bet you bleed adorably.
CrusaderThe noble Crusader! Voted most likely to die young.
MageCast your spells at me will you Mage? I mean, will you? Please?
MonkLook mom! A Monk! Can I keep him?
ScoutI knew a mudcrab Scout once. Everyone mistook him for a rock.
SorcererThe Sorcerer! Never dull, frequently on fire.
SpellswordBehold the Spellsword! Haha… wait… where is her sword? Should we call her the Spellshield?
WarriorNone can stand before the Warrior! Or was that sit? None can sit before the Warrior!
House DagothPresenting House… weird looking.
House HlaaluHlaalu! A House after my own devious heart. Oh you won’t let them get it will you?
House RedoranHouse Redoran! Well, which is it? Red or Ran?
House TelvanniThe Telvanni! Haha! Mushroom lovers, mushroom brothers.
Tribunal TempleTrust me, these gods put their pants on the same way everyone else. With knives!
Clicking play to find opponent
Have a minute, let me find another brave moron.
Time for another delightful murder show.
That’s it! Into the fray! Break a leg! Ooh… and a clavicle if you can.
How about a lovely walk? …no? Alright fine, let’s kill people then.
The teams afoot! Most likely a severed foot, and an arm, and a lovely spurt of arterial blood.
Opponent found
Always nice to meet fascinating new people and fight them to the death.
Let the madness commence and continue.
Entertain me mortals!
I found you a victim! Happy birthday.
Hope you have fun. No… er… I hope I have fun. I couldn’t care less about you.
Bring me their heads! Oh and shoulders… oh and knees… oh and toes. Oh I do love toes.
Our next contestant enjoys nights out, long walks on the beach, and brutal bloody homicide.
Progression screen after finishing a match
Won matchAnother step closer to ultimate gory… er… glory. Eh, with any luck both.
You earning my respect. I want to kill you less and less.
A victory! You haven’t been cheating have ye? You haven’t? Why not?
Lost matchYou’ll win! Or you’ll die trying. I love that about you.
Don’t lose again or I’ll swallow your soul and vomit it in the Everfilling Chamberpot of the Ageless.
Great work! I mean, you died, but you’re so lively about it.
See Scenarios
Lane conditions
See Lanes
Finishing Arena
3 lossesWell that’s the end of that, but I do have some delightful parting gifts for you. Fancy a dead cat.
You’ve disappointed me for the last time! Unless you want to try again?
I tire of you! Go, and take this disgusting loot with you.
Defeated final opponentWhat a show! Time for a celebration. Cheese for everyone!
Sorry, did I forget to mention today was trying to lose day? It is! And you failed! Which means I suppose… you win!
Player resignedHad enough have ye? I thought we were having fun.
Rank up
Brawler rankNobody is going to call ye a dog anymore. Oh they’ll call you a cat. Oh or a Kagouti!
Bloodletter rankI hereby dub thee Bloodletter! Oooh… I love the sound of that. What would you let blood to?
Myrmidon rankI got to be honest with you, I’ve no clue what a Myrmidon is. But now you’re one so maybe you can explain it?
Warrior rankYou know a lot about fighting Warrior! More than you know.
Gladiator rankThere is only one word for someone like you who fights in Arenas. Myrmidon! Ha… no wait… Bloodletter! Oh it’ll come to me.
Hero rankWell, you’ve killed a lot of people for my amusement. And that makes ye a Hero in my book.
Champion rankFine you’re a Champion. Don’t let it go to your head. Take away the cham and you’re nothing more than a pion.
Grand Champion rankI am in awe. It’s damp here in awe. Congratulations! You’re now my Grand Champion.
Arena Winnings (collecting rewards)
Nobody leaves empty handed! Unless you lost your hands in a fight that is.
You get an award! And you get an award! You get a reward! Everyone gets a reward! Except for you, sorry.
Your performance was… mediocre. Yet divine. Divinely mediocre.
Good show! Well played! Bravo! Enormous blocks of cheese and baggy drawstring pants for everyone!
Well that’s a perfect scar, isn’t it? I’d congratulate ye, but nobody likes a smart-ass.


Class Art[edit]

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