Legends:Skooma Cat’s Playthings

Skooma Cat’s Playthings is the fourth Puzzle Set, released on October 30, 2019.

Purchasing the puzzle set earns you the Skooma Cat’s Plaything card back. Beating a puzzle will grant you 20 soul gems each.

When you open the puzzle for the first time, the Skooma Cat will issue you a Skooma Cat’s Greeting: “Presenting the past to keep from repeating the present in the future. Keep up, plaything.”

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Every puzzle rewards 20Soul Gems upon first completion. Once you complete all twenty puzzles, you receive the Felonious title.

1. Prey: Hunter seeking prey.2. Shambles: Study an abomination.3. Shining: Behold a Saint.4. Driven: Witness the power of madness.5. Order: Establish order.
6. The Bigger They Are: Facing a horde of giants.7. Weakness: The weak will not survive.8. Darkest Hour: Avoid a grisly fate.9. Spite: Unleash your hatred.10. Seeking Trouble: Push through the pain.
11. Keep the Gate: Close the gate on their attack.12. Bawk Bawk Bawk: Unleash fearsome beasts.13. Torture Fun: Torture for Sheogorath’s amusement.14. Manic: Mania is a legitimate strategy.15. A Bard’s Tale: Play for all the greats.
16. Expert Opinion: Demonstrate the expertise of the Guildsworn.17. Mobilized for War: Mobilize a defense for the Daggerfall Covenant.18. Powering Up: Empower the spells of the Aldmeri Dominion.19. Empress’s New Recruits: Display the might of the Empire of Cyrodiil.20. Battle Hardened: Let the veterans of the Ebonheart Pact lead you to victory.
PreyShamblesShiningDrivenOrderThe Bigger They AreWeaknessDarkest HourSpiteSeeking TroubleKeep the GateBawk Bawk BawkTorture FunManicA Bard's TaleExpert OpinionMobilized for WarPowering UpEmpress's New RecruitsBattle HardenedSkooma Cat's PlaythingsLegends

Interactive Map – Click to view quest walkthrough

Cut Content[edit]

Each questgiver, with the exception of the alliance puzzles, was initially supposed to have an intro and outro before their puzzles were presented, but this was cut from the final version. The lines can be seen below:

Dyus’s WelcomeSo you have found me. Dyus of Mytheria, ancient librarian of Jyggalag. I have seen much, and know yet more. Let me share some of my stories with you.
Dyus’s FarewellI think that’s enough lessons for today. You have impressed me, mortal. Of course, I foresaw that you would.
Haskill’s WelcomeWelcome to the Shivering Isles, mortal. Our entry procedures have recently changed. To proceed further, you must complete a series of pointless and complicated tasks. I don’t make the rules, I merely gleefully enforce them.
Haskill’s Grudging RespectExcellent work. I’m sure my master will be pleased to learn your mind remains functional for the moment.
You Again?You again?! I thought I told you the last time: NEVER COME TO ME ISLES AGAIN, UNLESS YOU WANT TO! And why would ye want to? Let me think. Oh, I know! Ye want me to pop yer wee mortal mind like an overripe grape! I guess you’ve come to the right place after all!
Sheogorath’s BoredWell, that’s just rude. I go to all this trouble to drive ye crazy, and here y’are, sane as the day you were born. Crying, calling for your mother, vomiting on yourself; it’s revolting, frankly. Go on, shoo, before I decide I like ye!


  • The Skooma Cat’s initial greeting was taken from ESO

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