Legends:Darkest Hour

Avoid a grisly fate.
Episode:Skooma Cat’s Playthings
Opponent Name:Haskill
Opponent Class:Neutral Neutral
Starting Health:1
Starting Magicka:10
Reward:20 soul gems
HASKILL: Next, you are to die for my master’s amusement. Unless you’d rather not.


The game opens with the following text:

“Survive for one turn to win.”

You start with 1 health and a Target in each Lane. In your hand, you have a Bone Bow, a Dark Seducer, and two Evermore Stewards.

Haskill starts with 30 health, and he has four Young Mammoths in the Field Lane and a Reclusive Giant in the Shadow Lane.


  1. Play Dark Seducer in the Field Lane.
  2. Play Bone Bow on the Target in the Field Lane, selecting Reclusive Giant to Silence.
  3. Attack a Young Mammoth with the Target.
  4. End Turn.

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