Hi guys do you have some freetime?

hi-guys-do-you-have-some-freetime-2 Thread
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CrazyKrisz 1 month ago
Hi guys!

My name is CrazyKrisz. Recently i started a chanel on youtube because of this game. The plan would be to post 1 or 2 video weekly. I know this is not much but I can’t afford a good pc or a good internet because of my financial status. I would love to entertain you :).

Thank you for your time. Hope you stay.


Looks good. First Time i see the Withhered Hand Cultist in Action. Interessting Deck.

Can u take a Pic from u Deck in u Vid or an Link in the Description?


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CrazyKrisz 1 month ago
Thanks for the response.

This is Erlexx‘s mid range archer all credits to him.
The deck : Midrange Archer by Erlexx

Thx for u fast Reply.
Ah good to know. Thx for the Link.

Hope for the next Vids from u. :)

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