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Return to Clockwork City is the third story for The Elder Scrolls: Legends, which released on November 30, 2017. The story is divided into three “maps”, which can be purchased individually with money or in-game gold. A bundled price of USD $19.99/€19.99 for all three maps is offered if purchasing with money. The maps can be individually bought for 1000 in-game gold or USD $7.99/€7.99 each.

The story comes with over 35 missions, and rewards 58 new cards. It follows a story based around the Clockwork City after the demise of Sotha Sil. Similar to The Fall of the Dark Brotherhood story, player choices do not affect the cards you earn. Instead, choices will change the challenges you face as part of the story missions.

Return to Clockwork City Pre-Purchase was available before release for USD $19.99/€19.99 and came with “The Relic Hunter” title. If one purchases the Triple Bundle with real-world money, the Clockwork City Card Back will be awarded.

The story seems to be almost entirely contemporaneous with the events of TES V: Skyrim. See the notes.


The story is split into three maps, with two episodes each and several card rewards per episode. Cards can be earned by completing battles or progressing the story; this is done by selecting nodes on the map interface. New nodes will appear in a linear fashion, with some slight branching within each episode. Battles must initially be completed in “Normal” mode, but a more difficult “Master” mode can later be unlocked. Cutscenes can also be replayed via the map interface.

Act 1

Episode 1: The Lost Treasure
Episode 2: The Frozen Path

Act 2

Episode 3: The Ruined City
Episode 4: Race Against Time

Act 3

Episode 5: The Furnace Depths
Episode 6: Heart of the City

Interactive Quest Maps[edit]

Act 1[edit]

Episode 1: The Lost Treasure[edit]

Thornwell FarmDarkened ForestRagged FlagonStreets of RiftenMistveil DungeonForelhost Front GateForelhost Lost TombOffer From a FriendTreasure DeniedReturn to Clockwork CityLegendsFile:LG-menu-The Lost Treasure.jpg

Interactive Map – Click to view quest walkthrough

Episode 1: The Lost Treasure
1. Offer From a Friend
4. Ragged Flagon
2. Thornwell Farm
5. Streets of Riften
3. Darkened Forest
Keep the ring. or Return the ring.
6. Mistveil Dungeon
7. Forelhost Front Gate
8. Forelhost Lost Tomb
9. Treasure Denied

Episode 2: The Frozen Path[edit]

College of WinterholdJ'ZargoWinterhold WildernessThe MiddenAlfe FyrSightless PitMount AnthorBleakcoast RidgeEnter the CityReturn to Clockwork CityLegendsFile:LG-menu-The Frozen Path.jpg

Interactive Map – Click to view quest walkthrough

Episode 2: The Frozen Path
Episode 2 Intro
1. College of Winterhold
2. J’Zargo
3. Winterhold Wilderness
4. The Midden
Keep the ring and become a werewolf.
Return the ring and get aided by wolves.
5. Alfe Fyr
6. Sightless Pit
7. Mount Anthor
8. Bleakcoast Ridge
Return to Alfe Fyr
9. Enter the City

Act 2[edit]

Episode 3: The Ruined City[edit]

The Ventral TerminusThe Halls of RegulationBrass Fortress Market SquareMire MechanicaThe Last StandThe Heart, RevealedReturn to Clockwork CityLegendsFile:LG-menu-The Ruined City.jpg

Interactive Map – Click to view quest walkthrough

Episode 3: The Ruined City
Episode 3 Intro
1. The Ventral Terminus
2. The Halls of Regulation
3. Brass Fortress Market Square
4. Mire Mechanica
5. The Last Stand
6. The Heart, Revealed

Episode 4: Race Against Time[edit]

Cogitum CentralisThe Red MountainThe ApprenticeHall of ConveyanceThe BetrayalThe Inner CuriosityMecinar TriumphantReturn to Clockwork CityLegendsFile:LG-menu-Race Against Time.jpg

Interactive Map – Click to view quest walkthrough

Episode 4: Race Against Time
Episode 4 Intro
1. Cogitum Centralis
3. The Apprentice
2. The Red Mountain
4. Hall of Conveyance
5. The Betrayal
6. The Inner Curiosity
7. Mecinar Triumphant

Act 3[edit]

Episode 5: The Furnace Depths[edit]

Collapsing TunnelSubmerged AqueductPiston CavumThe ToolsThe Caminus PitShaft of SohlehSwims-at-Night's Last StandLaaneth's Last StandReturn to Clockwork CityLegendsFile:LG-menu-The Furnace Depths.jpg

Interactive Map – Click to view quest walkthrough

Episode 5: The Furnace Depths
1. Collapsing Tunnel
2. Submerged Aqueduct
3. Piston Cavum
4. The Tools
5. The Caminus Pit
6. Shaft of Sohleh
7. Swims-at-Night’s Last Stand
8. Laaneth’s Last Stand

Episode 6: Heart of the City[edit]

The Throne AlignedDragonclaw RockSanguine BarrowsEastmarch CampReturn to The Inner CuriosityChamber of LorkhanThe City FallsJourney's EndReturn to Clockwork CityLegendsFile:LG-menu-Heart of the City.jpg

Interactive Map – Click to view quest walkthrough

Episode 6: Heart of the City
1. The Throne Aligned
2. Dragonclaw Rock
3. Sanguine Barrows
4. Eastmarch Camp
Divine Implements Found
5. Return to The Inner Curiosity
6. Chamber of Lorkhan
7. The City Falls
8. Journey’s End


Denotes a requisite path or quest. You must complete this before starting the subsequent quest.
Denotes the episode name.
Denotes a quest with reward which is part of the main story chain.
Denotes a quest with reward which is optional for the main story.
Denotes a cutscene or episode intro.
Denotes an optional cutscene or episode intro.
Denotes a memory star.


Return to Clockwork City introduces the Clockwork City card set, which can be earned in its entirety by playing through the story content.


  • The events of Return to Clockwork City appear to occur slightly before and relatively early during the events of Skyrim:

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