Mania is a legitimate strategy.
Episode:Skooma Cat’s Playthings
Opponent Name:Sheogorath
Opponent Class:Neutral Neutral
Starting Health:1
Starting Magicka:17
Reward:20 soul gems
SHEOGORATH: All I’ve ever wanted is to see ye unlock yer true potential. And cheese, obviously. And to bathe in the tears of crying ducks. And a raise, because I’ve earned it!


The game opens with the following text:

“Win this turn.”

You start with 3 health, and two Elixir of Conflict in play. In your hand, you have Redoran Forerunner, Mentor’s Ring, Wisdom of Ancients, Lady Syl’s Cruelty, Royal Sage, Daedric Dagger, Manic Jack, Manic Mutation and Mentor of the Watch.

Sheogorath starts with 18 health, and one Fighters Guild Recruit in each Lane.


  1. Play Mentor of the Watch, and select Manic Jack.
  2. Play Manic Jack and Redoran Forerunner in the same lane as Mentor of the Watch.
  3. Play Daedric Dagger on Redoran Forerunner.
  4. Play Mentor’s Ring on Redoran Forerunner.
  5. Attack Fighters Guild Recruit with Mentor of the Watch.
  6. Use both Elixir of Conflict on Redoran Forerunner.
  7. Attack your opponent with Redoran Forerunner.
  8. Play Lady Syl’s Cruelty on Redoran Forerunner.
  9. Play Royal Sage and Wisdom of Ancients.
  10. Play Manic Mutation on Manic Jack.
  11. Attack with Manic Jack.

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