Released on July 26, 2017.

Card Changes[edit]

  • Alduin – Card art improved and VFX attached.
  • Bandit Ringleader – Text changed to “Summon: Other friendly creatures in this lane gain “Pilfer: Draw a card” this turn.
  • Barbas – Creature type changed from Beast to Daedra.
  • Breton Conjurer – Text changed to “When Breton Conjurer’s Ward is broken, summon a 5/5 Frost Atronach with Guard.”
  • Daggerfall Mage – Text changed to “When Daggerfall Mage’s Ward is broken, put a Tome of Alteration into your hand.”
  • Ghost Sea Lookout – Creature type changed from Nord to Breton.
  • Icewing Dragon – Now uses ice-flavored shackle effects.
  • Iliac Sorcerer – Text changed to “When Iliac Sorcerer’s Ward is broken, double his power.”
  • Legate Rikke – Creature type changed from Imperial to Nord.
  • Niben Bay Cutthroat – Text changed to “+2/+0 while there are no enemy creatures in this lane.”
  • Shornhelm Champion – Text changed to “When Shornhelm Champion’s Ward is broken, he gains +3/+3.”
  • Wildfire Dragon – Card art improved and VFX sped up.

Card Bug Fixes[edit]

  • Barter – Now interacts properly with cards that dynamically update based on broken runes.
  • Crusader’s Assault – Should now draw cards in all the proper situations. Let the assaults continue!
  • Dragon Mound – Dragons that return to hand will now continue to have their costs reduced.
  • Forsaken Champion – Now plays well with Dragon Priest Mask.
  • Grandmaster Delphine – Now remains immune to Dragons after changing zones.
  • Heirloom Greatsword – Should now gain a keyword from Arcane Enchanter when returning to hand after its Last Gasp effect.
  • Lockpick – Now when your deck is empty, it is possible to draw the Out of Cards “card” – no more infinite lockpicking!
  • Lydia – Playing under specific circumstances will no longer cause the AI to stop functioning. She will now let the AI finish the game!
  • Move in Shadows – The sneaky creature should now move back at the end of the turn.
  • Night Talon Lord – When this summons an Ulfric’s Zealot and then that Zealot dies, only one Heavy Battleaxe is created instead of two.
  • Riften Pickpocket – Will now show three different cards whenever possible.
  • Riverhold Escort – No longer fails to move if the opponent’s lane is full.
  • Serpentine Stalker – This misbehaving Dragon will now be able to attack enemy creatures in its own lane even if there is an enemy guard in the other lane.
  • Shearpoint Dragon – Cost-reduced actions should now work properly in tandem with this Dragon.
  • Thief of Dreams – Now will not choose a card in deck that is also in hand. This should make for less confusing dreaming.
  • Ulfric Stormcloak – Now will not draw a Nord from your deck when your opponent uses a Shout. Not everyone is on Ulfric’s side.
  • Underforge – Cards that change form (such as Little Girl) after becoming a werewolf will now retain the Werewolf creature type. This strain of lycanthropy is resistant to change.

General Bug Fixes[edit]

  • All five Skyrim Theme Decks have new deck tile art, which can be changed by players. Also, these deck art images are now available for use with all decks of the appropriate classes.
  • Many card hangers have had their text and images improved.
  • Many Solo Arena decks have had Titles added to their opponents.
  • The description for Beast Form has been updated to “Changes into a Werewolf when an enemy rune is destroyed.”
  • The icon for Beast Form has been added to its Glossary entry.
  • Tooltips for buttons in the Social menu have been fixed.

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