Legends:The Ventral Terminus

Enter the Ventral Terminus
Episode:The Ruined City
Opponent Name:Ventral Terminus
Opponent Class:Willpower Willpower
Starting Health:Normal: 20
Master: 50
Special Conditions:Master: Opponent starts with Time is Running Out! in play set to 8 Uses
Previous Quest:Return to Alfe Fyr
Reward:Playsets of: Assembled Sentry, Reflective Automaton

The Ruined City: Ventral Terminus[edit]

The Ventral Terminus is a starting location in The Ruined City. It is one of the two initially-available locations, along with the Halls of Regulation. After entering the city, you’ll have to engage in battle while avoiding traps. When you start the battle, you’ll be told to “Watch out for traps!” Once you complete it for the first time, you’ll receive playsets of Assembled Sentry and Reflective Automaton.


Laaneth: “Watch your step. There could be traps in the area.”
Laaneth: “That was close. Come on. If the rest of this place is this dangerous, there’s no telling what danger Swims may be in.

Game Settings[edit]


Ai starts with 3 Runes.


Ai starts with a Time is Running Out! on board.

Opponent Decklist[edit]

Both Normal and Master
QuantityAttributesNameType (Subtype)MagickaPowerHealthRarityAbility
30NeutralTrip Wire ProphecyCreature (Trap)2011Common CommonProphecy, Guard

Last Gasp: It’s a trap!

10NeutralCrushing BlowAction31Common CommonDeal 3 damage.
20NeutralPressure PlateCreature (Trap)4041Common CommonGuard

Last Gasp: It’s a trap!

5NeutralPortcullis ProphecyCreature (Defense)5091Common CommonProphecy, Guard
5WillpowerImmolating BlastAction63Epic EpicDestroy all creatures except for one random creature on both sides of each lane.


Prev: Return to Alfe FyrUp: Return to Clockwork City
Conc: The Halls of Regulation
Next: None

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