Legends:Forsworn Looter

Forsworn Looter
Creature (Reachman)
LG-card-Forsworn Looter.png
Deck code IDgG
Card SetLG-icon-Heroes of Skyrim.png Heroes of Skyrim
Magicka CostLG-icon-Magicka.png2
AttributeNeutral Neutral
PowerPower 1HealthHealth 1
RarityEpic Epic
Pilfer: Draw a random item from your deck with cost equal to Forsworn Looter’s power.

Forsworn Looter is an epic Neutral creature card. It is available as part of the Heroes of Skyrim expansion.


When summoned:

“We’ll use any tool to defend the Reach!”

When attacking:

“The Reach is ours!”


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