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Fighters Guild Paragon

Guildsworn Campaigner

ClassStrengthIntelligenceIntelligenceWillpower The Guildsworn
AttributesStrength 12Intelligence 12Intelligence 27Willpower 21Dual Attribute 21Dual Attribute 9Triple Attribute 6
RarityCommon 30Rare 30Rare 21Epic 18Legendary 18Legendary 6


AttributesRarityMagicka Curve

Deck List
QuantityAttributesNameType (Subtype)MagickaPowerHealthRarityAbility
3IntelligenceForked BoltAction01Common CommonDeal 1 damage to a creature and your opponent.
3IntelligenceLesser WardAction01Common CommonGive a creature a Ward.
3IntelligenceCrown QuartermasterCreature (Redguard)1211Common CommonSummon: Put a Steel Dagger into your hand.
3StrengthSteel ScimitarItem11Common Common+2/+2
3WillpowerCrassius’ FavorAction22Rare RareSummon two 1/1 Imperial Grunts to a lane.
Plot: Gain 1 health for each friendly creature in that lane.
3WillpowerGavel of the OrdinatorItem21Common Common+2/+0
Summon: The wielder is immune to damage this turn.
3StrengthIntelligenceIntelligenceWillpowerGuildsworn Apprentice ProphecyCreature (Argonian)2122Rare RareProphecy, Guard
Summon: Draw a card.
3IntelligenceGuildsworn WayfarerCreature (Redguard)2221Common CommonExpertise: +1/+1
3StrengthWillpowerWillpowerRift ThaneCreature (Nord)2223Epic EpicSummon: If you have less health than your opponent, +0/+2 and Guard. Otherwise, +2/+0 and Breakthrough.
3IntelligenceWisdom of Ancients ProphecyAction23Epic EpicProphecy
Give each friendly creature a random Keyword.
3StrengthWillpowerWillpowerCrusader’s AssaultAction32Rare RareGive a creature +2/+0, Breakthrough and “Slay and Pilfer: Draw a card” this turn.
3IntelligenceDaggerfall MageCreature (Breton)3224Legendary LegendaryWard
When Daggerfall Mage’s Ward is broken, put a Tome of Alteration into your hand.
3StrengthFighters Guild BerserkerCreature (Orc)3421Common CommonExpertise: Deal 2 damage to your opponent.
3IntelligenceWillpowerWillpowerMage’s TrickAction32Rare RareDeal 1 damage, gain 1 health, and draw a card.
3WillpowerRenowned InstructorCreature (Nord)3341Common CommonExpertise: Summon a 1/1 Recruit.
3StrengthIntelligenceIntelligenceWillpowerMaster of IncunabulaCreature (High Elf)4363Epic EpicMaster of Incunabula has the Expertise abilities of all your creatures.
3WillpowerHive DefenderCreature (Kwama)4362Rare RareGuard
3IntelligenceLightning Bolt ProphecyAction41Common CommonProphecy
Deal 4 damage.
3IntelligenceRoyal SageCreature (High Elf)4442Rare RareSummon: If you have more health than your opponent, give each friendly creature a random Keyword.
3WillpowerDivine FervorSupport53Epic EpicOngoing

Friendly creatures have +1/+1.

3StrengthFighters Guild EliteCreature (Orc)5224Legendary LegendaryExpertise: Double Fighters Guild Elite’s power and health.
3WillpowerGuildsworn CavalierCreature (Breton)5332Rare RareExpertise: Give friendly creatures +1/+1.
3WillpowerSpawn Mother/BaliwogCreature (Grummite)6321Common CommonSpawn Mother and Baliwog
3IntelligenceMages Guild ConjurerCreature (Breton)6233Epic EpicExpertise: Summon a Flame Atronach, then upgrade the Atronach Mages Guild Conjurer summons.
3StrengthGuildsworn BloodlusterCreature (Nord)7443Epic EpicExpertise: +2/+2 and Battle an enemy creature in this lane.

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