Legends:Practice/Alcus, the Mad

Alcus, the Mad

The Victorious

ClassStrengthIntelligenceIntelligence Battlemage
Prophecies Prophecy2x Graystone Ravager, 3x Wisdom of Ancients, 2x Cast Out
AttributesStrength 15Intelligence 15Intelligence 27Neutral 7Dual Attribute 7Dual Attribute 1
RarityCommon 16Rare 16Rare 12Epic 17Legendary 17Legendary 5


AttributesRarityMagicka Curve

Deck List
QuantityAttributesNameType (Subtype)MagickaPowerHealthRarityAbility
2IntelligenceBrutal AshlanderCreature (Dark Elf)1111Common CommonLast Gasp: Deal 3 damage to a random enemy.
3StrengthFiery ImpCreature (Imp)1112Rare RareWhen Fiery Imp attacks, deal 2 damage to your opponent.
3IntelligenceFireboltAction11Common CommonDeal 2 damage to a creature.
3IntelligenceNiben Bay CutthroatCreature (Redguard)1111Common Common+2/+0 while there are no enemy creatures in this lane.
3IntelligenceBalmora SpymasterCreature (Dark Elf)2013Epic EpicLast Gasp: Summon a random creature with cost less than or equal to your max magicka.
2IntelligenceDunmer NightbladeCreature (Dark Elf)2211Common CommonLast Gasp: Put an Iron Sword into your hand.
2StrengthGraystone Ravager ProphecyCreature (Orc)2411Common CommonProphecy
3IntelligenceHigh Rock SummonerCreature (Breton)2112Rare RareSummon: Put a random Atronach into your hand.
3IntelligenceMoment of ClarityAction23Epic EpicReveal three random cards, then choose one to draw.
3StrengthPlunderAction23Epic EpicPut two random items into your hand.
2NeutralReachman ShamanCreature (Reachman)2221Common CommonAt the start of your turn, give another random friendly creature +1/+1.
2IntelligenceWisdom of Ancients ProphecyAction23Epic EpicProphecy
Give each friendly creature a random Keyword.
2StrengthCast Out ProphecyAction32Rare RareProphecy
Unsummon a creature.
1IntelligenceDaggerfall MageCreature (Breton)3224Legendary LegendaryWard
When Daggerfall Mage’s Ward is broken, put a Tome of Alteration into your hand.
2NeutralFrenzied WitchmanCreature (Reachman)3211Common CommonSummon: Give a creature +2/+1.
3StrengthBog LurcherCreature (Lurcher)4912Rare Rare
1IntelligenceRoyal SageCreature (High Elf)4442Rare RareSummon: If you have more health than your opponent, give each friendly creature a random Keyword.
2NeutralStronghold IncubatorCreature (Dwemer)5333Epic EpicLast Gasp: Put two random Dwemer into your hand.
1NeutralWabbajackSupport54Legendary LegendaryUses: 3

Activate: Transform a creature into a random creature.

3IntelligenceStudium HeadmasterCreature (High Elf)6633Epic EpicSummon: Each player draws two cards.
1StrengthIntelligenceIntelligenceMerric-at-AswalaCreature (Redguard)7224Legendary LegendarySummon: Equip each friendly creature in this lane with a random item.
1StrengthWrothgar ForgeSupport73Epic EpicOngoing

The first time you summon a creature each turn, equip it with a random item.

1IntelligenceNahkriin, Dragon PriestCreature (Skeleton)9554Legendary LegendarySummon: Draw a card and reduce its cost to 0.
1StrengthDremora MarkynazCreature (Daedra)10554Legendary LegendaryGuard
Summon: Double a creature’s power and health.

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