Many of the cards you play in Legends contribute towards statistics displayed under “General Stats” on the same menu as title selection. A complete list of titles follows.

  • Arena Bosses Defeated: Number of times you have defeated the boss of a Solo Arena.
  • Arrows Fired: Number of cards played with “arrow” visuals. These are normally found under Strength.
  • Cards Trained: Number of cards you have trained.
  • Creatures Burned: Number of creatures you have destroyed with cards with “Burn” visuals. These are normally found under Willpower.
  • Creatures Healed: Number of creatures you have healed.
  • Creatures Mummified: Number of creatures you have transformed into mummies. This is normally achieved through use of Mummify, though Wabbajack can do this as well.
  • Daedric Artifacts Played: Number of cards you have played that are Daedric Artifacts, from previous games or new to Legends.
  • Damage Dealt: Total damage you and your creatures have dealt.
  • Elixirs Drank: Number of “Elixir” supports you have used; the now-removed Elixir of Magicka counts towards this.
  • Games Won: Number of games you have won; ALL battles count.
  • Gold Earned: This is the total amount of gold you have won through various means.
  • Illusions Cast: This is the total number of “Calm” effects you have played; this is achievable through Calm and Cloudrest Illusionist.
  • Imperial Grunts Summoned: Self-explanatory; refers to total amount of Imperial Grunts you have summoned.
  • Items Plundered: Refers to the amount of items you have randomly created. This is usually achieved with Plunder, though items created by Haafingar Marauder also count.
  • Keywords Granted: Keywords you have applied to creatures that did not have them.
  • Lions Tamed: Number of Pit Lions you have summoned.
  • Most Damage Dealt in One Attack: Highest amount of damage you’ve dealt in a single attack. Goldbrand activation counts, though this will probably be achieved with creatures.
  • Solo Arenas Aced: Number of Solo Arenas you have won nine matches for without losses.
  • Soul Gems Earned: Number of Soul Gems you have gained.
  • Stones Thrown: Number of cards with “Stone Throw” visuals you have played. These are normally found under Strength
  • Unique Cards Played: Self-explanatory.
  • Versus Arenas Aced: Number of Versus Arenas you have won seven matches for without losses.
  • Wards Broken: Number of Wards you have removed from creatures by attacking them.
  • Weapons Silenced: Number of items you have destroyed by means of Silence.

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