Legends:Episode 2 Intro (Isle of Madness)

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Journey to Morrowind, near the city of Necrom.
Episode:A Haunted Man
Story Characters:Cyriel, Luzrah Gro-Shar, Sheogorath
Previous Quest:The Bargain
Next Quest:Fortress Catacombs

A Haunted Man: Episode 2 intro[edit]

Episode 2 intro takes Talym Rend to Morrowind, near Necrom. It contains brief dialogue describing what Sheogorath tells Talym about his first victim, Zhanar Tabav.


Sheogorath: “Your first victim is a crusty old assassin named Zhanar. This cat has killed enough people to buy a fortress, and would ye believe, he doesn’t so much as lose sleep over it? Never hears the phantom whispers of his victims? Hasn’t once huddled in the darkness to escape the staring eyes of the dead? Terribly rude if ye ask me.”
Sheogorath: “There’s got to be a hint of mind shattering terror in there — and you’re going to find it! Give him a good and proper haunting for me. Oh, and I brought you some friends to help! I promised them riches, cheese, and that I wouldn’t dismember them.”
Luzrah Gro-Shar: “Suur-prise! Luzrah’s here to heeeeelp!”
Cyriel: “Uh…Hi. No hard feelings about that purse thing right? Of course not, you’re not the type for hard feelings, right? Right.”
Sheogorath: “I told you this would be fun!”

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