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Horse Armor
LG-card-Horse Armor.png
Deck code IDyV
Card SetLG-icon-Promotional.png Exclusive
Magicka CostLG-icon-Magicka.png0
AttributeNeutral Neutral
RarityLegendary Legendary
Summon: The wielder becomes premium.

Horse Armor is a legendary Neutral item card.

While part of your collection, the card can not be created by random effects such as Moment of Clarity or the Slay ability of Battlefield Scrounger.


This card could be obtained by entering the Oblivion Gauntlet which ran between October 11 and October 14, 2019. A full playset could be obtained in this manner by entering three times, which required the Gauntlet to be completed at least twice. It will also be available via soul summoning after Patch 2.15.


  • This card and its effects are a reference to the Horse Armor DLC for The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.[1] The first paid DLC ever released by Bethesda, Horse Armor was heavily criticised for its premium price point despite doing little more than making your horse slightly healthier and prettier. The card’s art depicts the steel version of the armor.


  1. ^ Pete Hines (@DCDeacon) October 10, 2019 via Twitter

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