Legends:Alfe Fyr (quest)

Seek help from Alfe Fyr
Episode:The Frozen Path
Story Characters:Alfe Fyr
Previous Quest:The Midden
Next Quest:Sightless Pit, Mount Anthor, or Bleakcoast Ridge
Reward:Playset of: Treasure Map

The Frozen Path: Alfe Fyr[edit]

Alfe Fyr is a location available in The Frozen Path, unlocked by completing The Midden. When you select it, you’ll be greeted by Alfe Fyr’s tirade, and receive a playset of Treasure Map.


Alfe Fyr: “You live on the most frozen, gods-forsaken mountain on Nirn, and you think people will leave you alone. But still you come knocking.”
Alfe Fyr: Clockwork City is it? Yes, I know the way. But it’s not easy. I’ll need the toe of a Frost Troll, a Dwemer puzzle box, and the skull of a living Dragon. Find all that, and I’ll help you.”

Prev: The MiddenUp: Return to Clockwork CityNext: Sightless Pit, Mount Anthor, or Bleakcoast Ridge

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