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Clear Shot

The Victorious

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ClassStrengthAgilityAgility Archer
Prophecies Prophecy1x Blacksap Protector, 1x Dune Rogue, 1x Sharpshooter Scout, 1x Sparking Spider
AttributesStrength 14Agility 14Agility 12Neutral 4
RarityCommon 20Rare 20Rare 8Legendary 2


AttributesRarityMagicka Curve

Deck List
QuantityAttributesNameType (Subtype)MagickaPowerHealthRarityAbility
1AgilityCurseAction02Rare RareGive a creature -1/-1.
1NeutralDwarven SpiderCreature (Dwemer)0031Common CommonGuard
1NeutralMaple ShieldItem01Common Common+0/+3
1StrengthFiery ImpCreature (Imp)1112Rare RareWhen Fiery Imp attacks, deal 2 damage to your opponent.
2StrengthRapid ShotAction11Common CommonDeal 1 damage to a creature. If it survives, draw a card.
1StrengthSharpshooter Scout ProphecyCreature (Wood Elf)1111Common CommonProphecy
Summon: Deal 1 damage.
1AgilityDune Rogue ProphecyCreature (Khajiit)2312Rare RareProphecy
2AgilityFinish OffAction21Common CommonDestroy a Wounded enemy creature.
1AgilityHelstrom FootpadCreature (Argonian)2321Common Common
1NeutralReachman ShamanCreature (Reachman)2221Common CommonAt the start of your turn, give another random friendly creature +1/+1.
2StrengthBattlerage OrcCreature (Orc)3231Common CommonCharge
1AgilityBlacksap Protector ProphecyCreature (Wood Elf)3332Rare RareProphecy, Guard
1StrengthRihad BattlemageCreature (Redguard)3331Common Common+0/+3 and Guard while equipped with an item.
1StrengthSkaven PyromancerCreature (Redguard)3231Common CommonSummon: Deal 1 damage to all other creatures in this lane.
2AgilityVaranis CourierCreature (Dark Elf)3131Common CommonGuard
Last Gasp: Draw a card.
1AgilityAn-Xileel InvaderCreature (Argonian)4531Common Common
1StrengthBog LurcherCreature (Lurcher)4912Rare Rare
1AgilityDeshaan AvengerCreature (Dark Elf)4332Rare RareLast Gasp: Summon a 3/3 Deshaan Sneak.
1StrengthFireballAction42Rare RareDeal 1 damage to all enemies.
1StrengthSkirmisher’s ElixirSupport42Rare RareUses: 3

Activate: Give a creature +2/+0 and Breakthrough.

1NeutralSparking Spider ProphecyCreature (Dwemer)4231Common CommonProphecy, Guard
1StrengthWhiterun TrooperCreature (Nord)4621Common Common
1StrengthFortress WatchmanCreature (Orc)5541Common CommonGuard
1StrengthWood Orc HeadhunterCreature (Orc)5544Legendary LegendaryBreakthrough
Gains Charge if you have another Orc.
1AgilityChaurus ReaperCreature (Chaurus)7541Common CommonSummon: Give all enemy creatures in this lane -1/-1.
1AgilityNest of VipersAction104Legendary LegendaryFill a lane with Territorial Vipers.

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