Legends:Crystal Tower Crafter

Crystal Tower Crafter
Creature (High Elf)
LG-card-Crystal Tower Crafter.png
Deck code IDdO
Card SetLG-icon-Core Set.png Core Set
Magicka CostLG-icon-Magicka.png2
AttributeIntelligence Intelligence
PowerPower 1HealthHealth 1
RarityCommon Common
After you play an action, Crystal Tower Crafter gains +1/+1.

Crystal Tower Crafter is a common Intelligence creature card. It is available as part of the Core Set.


In addition to the card’s availability in the Core Set, two copies are included in the Ancano’s Cunning theme deck, and two copies in the Telvanni Ambition theme deck.


When summoned:

“Shall we begin?”

“This won’t take long.”

When attacking:

“There’s more to come.”

“I’ve got you now!”

“You won’t survive THIS!”


  • This card’s ability applies the Secrets Unlocked card effect.
  • The card is named for the Crystal Tower.
  • Prior to January 2017, this card was of 2/2 power and health. It was changed due to its tendency to gain too much power and health.[1]


  1. ^ Letter from the Devs from Bethesda.net, January 11 2017

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