Legends:Rayvat the Mage

Rayvat the Mage
Creature (High Elf)
LG-card-Rayvat the Mage.png
Deck code IDmK
Card SetLG-icon-Isle of Madness.png Isle of Madness
Double CardTavyar the Knight
Magicka CostLG-icon-Magicka.png4
AttributeIntelligence Intelligence
PowerPower 2HealthHealth 2
RarityLegendary Legendary
Summon: You gain Ward.

Rayvat the Mage is a unique legendary Intelligence creature card. It is available as part of the Isle of Madness story set. It acts as a double card in your deck with Tavyar the Knight.


When summoned:

“I do hope that troublesome knight isn’t around.”

When attacking:

“You’ve messed with the wrong man.”


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