Released on April 5, 2017.

The Fall of the Dark Brotherhood[edit]

The new campaign is available April 5! Infiltrate the legendary band of assassins to save the Dark Brotherhood… or destroy it. Play through the campaign to unlock playsets of 40 new cards for your collection. Choose the Story tile on the Main Landing screen to begin the adventure.

If you haven’t already pre-purchased The Fall of the Dark Brotherhood, you can begin the campaign in two ways:

  • Triple Bundle: Get all three maps and all the new Fall of the Dark Brotherhood content for $19.99.
  • Single Maps: Play through the first map for $7.99 or 1,000 in-game Gold. After you complete the first map, the second and third maps become available for purchase.
  • BONUS: Doom Wolf Mount in The Elder Scrolls Online
    • When you purchase all three maps, you’ll be granted a Doom Wolf mount in The Elder Scrolls Online! Navigate to the Dark Brotherhood menu, click on the “Get code for The Elder Scrolls Online” button, and redeem your code on The Elder Scrolls Online website to claim your Doom Wolf mount. Please note, this mount is redeemable on PC only.

Card Changes[edit]

Hidden Trail[edit]

One card changed to limit its effects on special lanes, such as the new lanes in The Fall of the Dark Brotherhood campaign. Hidden Trail now changes only Field Lanes to Shadow Lanes. This has no impact on constructed play.

  • Hidden Trail: “Summon: All Field Lanes become Shadow Lanes. Friendly creatures have +1/+0.”


When Ahnassi stole a Ward from a creature, that creature’s Ward was broken, sometimes providing a benefit to the owner of the Ward creature. She didn’t like that and we agree. Now, when Ahnassi steals a Ward, it’s just stolen and not broken, so the Ward creature can’t get a benefit from the theft.

Also, to help clarify the proper timing of breaking a Ward, we’ve changed the text on four cards to “After this creature’s Ward is broken.”

  • Daggerfall Mage: “Ward, After Daggerfall Mage’s Ward is broken, put a Tome of Alteration into your hand.”
  • Breton Conjurer: “Ward, After Breton Conjurer’s Ward is broken, summon a 5/5 Frost Atronach with Guard.”
  • Iliac Sorcerer: “Ward, After Iliac Sorcerer’s Ward is broken, double his power.”
  • Shornhelm Champion: “Breakthrough, Ward, After Shornhelm Champion’s Ward is broken, he gains +3/+3.”

The Ahnassi change makes these four cards slightly worse from a gameplay perspective. When this update is live, Soul Summoned versions of Daggerfall Mage, Breton Conjurer, Iliac Sorcerer, and Shornhelm Champion can be Soul Trapped for their full value until April 19.

New Ability Word: Change[edit]

“When a creature Changes into another creature, it keeps its damage, items, and modifications.”

Unlike Transform, which essentially trades one creature for another, Change shows a creature becoming something different while its possessions and states remain the same.

New Keyword: Slay[edit]

“When your creature with Slay destroys a creature on your turn, a bonus effect is triggered.”

Older cards with “attacks and destroys” text now use this keyword, although attacking is no longer a requirement. As a result, these cards got better because if they can destroy a creature without attacking, they still get their benefit. (One example is the item Staff of Sparks.) Slay really cleans up the text boxes of these cards as well, and that’s always a benefit.

After You Play An Action[edit]

Three cards were changed to clarify their interactions with global effects like Ice Storm (no functionality changes). For example, if your Crystal Tower Crafter is 3/3 and you play an Ice Storm to deal 3 damage to all creatures, she dies before she can get buffed from her game text. Now she says “after” instead of “when” to make that clearer.

User Interface Changes[edit]

  • Onboarding: The display of tooltips on first visit to the Main Landing Screen has been toned down.
  • Titles: New titles for The Fall of the Dark Brotherhood campaign events.
  • Profile: The XP bar now completely fills up with gold for level 50 players. You can also track the completion percentage of your Dark Brotherhood set.
  • Collection: There’s now a Dark Brotherhood set filter available.
  • Soul Trap: You’re now told right away when trapping a card would change a deck, rather than waiting until the window was closed.
  • Merchant’s Camel: This card now presents the two cards it is discarding to both players.

Bug Fixes[edit]

  • Arena
    • The rule “A gladiator is ready to face you” no longer displays a Cheydinhal Conscript when summoning a South Road Brigand (even if the brigand was conscripted).
    • Arena rules that provide both players with a creature in play no longer allows the player who goes first to attack with it.
    • The Mage Tower lane now takes into account increased or decreased Magicka cost reductions when summoning a creature.
    • Hovering over quest-giver portraits on Arena Class Selection now displays the progress bar popup.
    • Sending a challenge while an AI opponent in Solo Arena is selected will no longer display the AI opponent during the pre-match animation.
  • Art
    • The once many-faced Undead Warlord now has a consistent avatar.
  • Cards
  • Gameplay
    • Night Talon Lord no longer attacks creatures it summons if they are destroyed using Staff of Sparks.
    • Stampede Sentinel’s ongoing ability no longer continues to benefit the original player who summoned it after stolen using Miraak.
    • When Disciple of Namira draws a card, it will no longer briefly appear in the Play History and then disappear, resolving distortions in The Elder Scrolls: Legends time continuum.
    • Forsaken Champion‘s green chosen creature text is now present in English.
    • Holding a card over a card in play and disconnecting no longer protects that card.
    • Creatures’ summon text boxes will no longer display in the middle of the screen when summoned into an already full lane.
    • When Regenerate triggers at the beginning of a player’s turn, it no longer shows the healing amount twice.
  • iOS
    • Social list will no longer occasionally cease functioning. Your friends aren’t ignoring your challenges, promise.
    • The buttons on the registration menu no longer appear grayed out while the other one is selected.
    • “Return” button on the iOS keyboard no longer unsuccessfully attempts to create a new line when naming a deck.
    • The “Link your existing account” text no longer extends out of its border in Russian.
    • Noticeable hitching no longer occurs when opening packs on older iPads.
    • There is now a cancel button on the account creation window (though we do encourage you to make an account!).
  • Localization
    • There’s no longer a misleading confirmation message when changing the screen resolution.
    • The Buy Packs button no longer displays the text for Store in non-English languages.
    • Quests that require the player to win 3 or 5 PVP or Arena games are no longer written differently in non-English languages.
    • Spanish: There’s no longer heavy desync during the campaign epilogue.
    • German: Dune Smuggler now specifies “in this lane” in its description in German.
    • German: Dune Stalker does now specifies “in this lane” in its description in German.
    • French: The subtitles for the line spoken by Naarifin during the Chapter 20 battle no longer has an exclamation point on a line by itself.
      • !
    • Italian: The legend symbol no longer appears differently between the profile screen and the ranked season countdown screen.
    • Spanish, Russian: In the second Prologue movie, the first voiceover line now matches the text.
    • Polish: In the Special Offers section of the store, the costs of products are no longer displayed on two lines.
    • Russian: Orb of Vaermina no longer displays as copying random creatures from the opponent’s deck.
    • Russian: Mighty Ally can now be searched by using the word for “Strength”.
  • Miscellaneous
    • Users will no longer experience extreme drops in framerate if spammed with messages from multiple friends. As for answering their messages, that’s up to you.
    • The small title button no longer occasionally fails to function or light up when hovered over and clicked.
    • After a player is disconnected because of inactivity, the first pop-up’s text no longer has inconsistent text size and an inconsistent font for the game.
  • Quests
    • There are no longer two quests with the name A Favor for a Friend.
    • When a new player quest is incremented the visual effect for the bar filling now plays correctly.
    • The quest A New Gladiator now completes if a user resigns from a Solo Arena.
    • Quests that require the player to win 3 or 5 PVP or Arena games now increment in Story mode.
    • The quest A Weapon Forged no longer displays a quest arrow on cards that can’t be soul summoned.
    • The quest A Weapon Forged no longer has text that overlaps the text of the card behind it.
    • Players now receive a message for acquiring the quest A Weapon Forged.
    • During the quest reward animation, the gold tooltip no longer appears dark.
    • The quest Preparing for Battle can no longer be completed with an invalid deck.
  • Rewards
    • The title The Pastry Chef is now rewarded when a Sweet Roll is created through means other than using Wabbajack, much to Sheogorath’s dismay.
    • The title The Unvanquished no longer appears twice on-screen when received.
  • Social
    • The chat window no longer continues to pop up when player transitions to a new screen.
    • Screens no longer incorrectly display a user’s status as “In a Versus Game”.
    • New accounts can now cancel challenge requests they send to friends, though those who do so are without honor.
    • Players can now receive cancellation or rejection messages when challenging friends who are waiting in queue.
  • Store
    • The Thank You page after purchasing The Mad Prince Pack no longer features a grammatical error.
  • User Interface
    • The Learn More window no longer only displays visual effects while hovering over the glossary window.
    • The close functionality of the Learn More window is now consistent with other menus. It just really wanted you to learn more.
    • New and edited decks are now automatically placed at the top of the deck list in the Collection/Deck Select menus.
    • Players are now given a chance to undo their choice when soul summoning a card for the A Weapon Forged quest tutorial.
    • The “falling” animation when opening a pack is now smooth even if the player has multiple types of packs.
    • The Deck Select screen will no longer display an empty Edit Deck button with the lock symbol when all decks are deleted without unlocking other Starter decks.

Known Issues[edit]

  • Art
    • Creatures that trigger Slay while Lucien Lachance is in play will display placeholder is in play will display placeholder art for Lucien’s “The Black Hand Speaks” buff.
    • After extended playtime, some art may appear as white boxes following an idle kick timeout.
    • The Night Mother’s Crypt introductory dialogue has Alisanne speaking with Uther as the portrait.
  • Localization
    • In Wayrest Episode 2, Les Corsaires has the letter “L” cut off during clash animation in French.
    • Wayrest Sewer Monsters sometimes have their name cut off during the clash animation in Russian.
    • Orc Bandit sometimes has its name cut off during the clash animation in Italian.
    • Voiceovers are missing for Princess Barynia after Dreughside mission and Kellen after winning the Order of the Hour Barracks mission in some languages.
    • The voiceover for the South Bridge pre-match story does not match the text.
  • User Interface
    • Avatar portraits and text may disappear and then reappear during the clash animation.
    • The Glossary screen may get stuck when opened on the rewards screen if three or more rewards are received.
    • Cards will overlap each other in the Play History if there are eight or more cards activated by Flesh Sculpture.
    • The Doom Wolf mount redemption pane may cut off part of the code. Please use the Redeem button to copy the entire code.
  • Cards
    • The card Brotherhood Sanctuary has an incorrect animation that plays out when a non-Slay creature kills another creature with Alisanne Dupre in play.
    • The card Shadowmere is missing the animation of entering the player’s deck if it’s equipped with an item while its Last Gasp ability is triggered.
    • When a creature with Pilfer kills a creature while Skooma Underboss is in play, the Pilfer visual effect appears from off-screen. Remember kids, winners don’t use skooma.
    • Creatures whose cost was reduced by Thieves Guild Recruit may cosmetically display the wrong reduced value.
    • 0-Cost Elusive Schemers appear as a 4-Cost in the Discard Pile if a 4-Cost Elusive Schemer is also in the Discard Pile.

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