Legends:The Tragedy

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Discover your son’s fate.
Opponent Name:Worm Cult
Opponent Class:Neutral Neutral
Story Characters:Novos, Talym Rend, Worm Cult
Previous Quest:The Final Battle Pt. 3
Next Quest:The Final Battle Pt. 4

Memories: The Tragedy[edit]

Worm Cult Initiation deals with the unfortunate consequences of his infiltration of the Worm Cult.


Pregame mission description: Truth.

Match Dialogue

Worm Cult: “There is one last test, Initiate. The trial of ruthlessness.”
Talym Rend: “Novos?!”
Novos: “Dad?”
Worm Cult: “Death is our home and our strength. Slay him. Prove you are one of us.”

If you kill your son:

Talym Rend: “I’m sorry son. I am so, so sorry.”
Worm Cult: “The king of worms be praised! Welcome to the Worm Cult, brother!”

If you refuse to kill your son, they will kill him instead:

Talym Rend: “No! I refuse!”
Worm Cult: “How disappointing.”
Talym Rend: “NOOOOO!”

Game Settings[edit]

Ai starts with 0 Runes.
Ai starts with 3 Max Magicka.
Player starts with 0 Runes.
Player starts with 3 Max Magicka.
Ai starts with no cards in deck.
Player starts with a Blood Sacrament in hand.
Player starts with a Worm Cultist in each lane.
Player starts with no cards in deck.

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