Legends:Laaneth’s Last Stand

Laaneth’s Last Stand
Episode:The Furnace Depths
Story Characters:Kellen
Previous Quest:Shaft of Sohleh
Next Quest:The Throne Aligned
Reward:Unlock Episode 6

The Furnace Depths: Laaneth’s Last Stand[edit]

Laaneth’s Last Stand is a brief cutscene in The Furnace Depths, which plays immediately after Shaft of Sohleh, if Laaneth is the one chosen to stay behind.

Episode 6 is unlocked after it plays.


Kellen: “A lifetime of study had made Laaneth one of the wisest people in Tamriel – wise enough to know that this would be her final battle.”
Kellen: “Still she fought with bravery to the last, giving her life so that her friends could find Sotha Sil’s lost tools – and use them to defeat Mecinar.”

Prev: Shaft of SohlehUp: Return to Clockwork CityNext: The Throne Aligned

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