Legends:J’zargo (character)

First AppearanceJ’Zargo
Stories:*Return to Clockwork City
Play As☒NoBattle Against☒No

J’zargo is a Khajiit mage and a side character in The Return to Clockwork City story. He also appears in Skyrim


Return To Clockwork City[edit]

J’Zargo (quest)[edit]

J’Zargo: “Hmm. J’Zargo thinks he could discover who is behind the library attack. This one knows many who walk these halls. Perhaps in return you could do a small favor for J’Zargo?”
J’Zargo: “I have been perfecting these new spell scrolls, but have no time to test them. Could you try them? They shouldn’t be too dangerous.”

Winterhold Wilderness[edit]

Kellen: “The hero ventured out to test J’Zargo’s scrolls. But their light soon attracted curious predators.”
J’Zargo: “How did the scrolls perform?! Oh. Ah. Well… you survived, no? And now J’Zargo knows just what to do next time…”
J’Zargo: “As for the library attack, J’Zargo asked around. One of the older students, Nirenil, snuck into the Arcanaeum last night after dark. Then she slipped into the Midden beneath the school. Most suspicious, no? J’Zargo is a natural investigator.”

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