Released on December 14, 2017.

New Product[edit]

New Life Festival Packs — To celebrate the Holiday season, we have a new value-packed bundle available in the Legends’ store! The New Life Festival Pack contains 10 packs of the Core set, 10 packs of Heroes of Skyrim, and playsets of three exclusive (and all new) premium alternate art cards: Leaflurker, Master of Arms, and the mighty Alduin. This collection is available now for just $14.99.

Card Changes[edit]

Please Note: Any Soul Summoned copies of the following cards can be Soul Trapped for their full value until December 28.

Hist Grove

Hist Grove has been a powerhouse in ramp strategies for a long time. In the past, we have been comfortable with how ramp performed. But over the past month, ramp has increased both in popularity and win rate, and so this card and others are getting some changes to keep things healthy and fun.

Starting with Hist Grove, at 3 magicka, it didn’t feel like you were paying much for Hist Grove’s powerful late game ability. At 4, Hist Grove will still perform its powerful late game role, but should feel a little less like a free inclusion in ramp decks.

Thieves Guild Recruit

Thieves Guild Recruit is unassuming, but it has been one of the best cards in Legends since the game began. By moving the cost reduction to 1, it should still be satisfying to draw an expensive card without the Recruit deciding quite so many games.

Thorn Histmage

Thorn Histmage is one of the most efficient cards in the game, allowing players to increase their max magicka without falling behind on board. Scout has proven to not need such a clear incentive. At 4 health, Thorn Histmage is still a strong card for ramp decks, but is closer to the power level of other dual-attribute cards.

Ulfric’s Housecarl

One of our major goals is to make sure that even the most aggressive decks in Legends are playing interactive games and not solely reliant on winning before turn 5. Cards like Crusader’s Assault and Ulfric’s Housecarl help with this goal. That said, Housecarl has proven a bit too efficient, leading to too many games where the aggressive player is ahead on every axis. This small tweak should keep Ulfric’s Housecarl effective as a way to draw cards in aggressive decks while making it a bit less impactful in play.

Northwind Outpost

Like many of our one-attribute buildarounds, Northwind Outpost has been improving as more Strength cards get released. In addition, the decks it encourages often abuse Charge to kill their opponent without an opportunity for interaction. At 3 cost, the Outpost is more likely to offer a reprieve from the aggression of heavy Strength decks.

Unstoppable Rage

Unstoppable Rage is one of our most controversial cards: Setting up combos with Lethal, Drain, Breakthrough, and movement can be really fun and satisfying, but the huge swings in life total and board state the card can create can be frustrating. In the past, Unstoppable Rage has been played at a rate where we felt comfortable with the experience. Recently, it has gained in both win rate and popularity. At 8 cost, Unstoppable Rage will keep its power, but will be a little harder to use on the same turn with other cards from your hand.

Note: Because Unstoppable Rage was released in The Fall of the Dark Brotherhood, no Soul Trapping is necessary., We will be granting 1200 Soul Gems to everyone who has purchased Act 2 of The Fall of the Dark Brotherhood. We will also be awarding players 1600 Soul Gems for each previously-Soul Summoned premium copy of Unstoppable Rage.

Bug Fixes[edit]

  • Many audio and localization issues were fixed.
  • The regular art version of Laaneth is now craftable after you earn the non-premium version.
  • Hunter-Killers now appropriately dies to Lethal damage before getting to Battle a second time.
  • Mecinar’s Abomination no longer loses the Abomination type when it leaves play.
  • Serpentine Stalker can no longer attack non-Guards in the opposite lane if the opponent has Lydia in play.
  • Whiterun Protector now correctly gains Guard when its Beast Form triggers while it’s under Arrest.
  • If a creature is stolen by Mecinar’s Will and then Transformed, the newly Transformed creature will no longer be returned at the end of the turn.
  • Using Grappling Hook on a creature that fails to move due to a full lane no longer counts as the creature moving for the purposes of cards like Dune Smuggler.
  • Cards that draw a card and modify it in some way (Thieves Guild Recruit, Fate Weaver, and Nahkriin) are fixed to draw Out of Cards when the player’s deck is empty.
  • Pure Blood Elder’s interaction with Hist Speaker has changed. If you play a Pure Blood Elder with Hist Speaker in play, the Elder has no effect on Hist Speaker’s magicka gain. If you play Hist Speaker with a Pure Blood Elder already in play, however, it gains 2 magicka instead of 1. In both cases, when Hist Speaker leaves play, you will lose 1 magicka.
  • Dragon Aspect was incorrectly weak hinting enemy creatures.
  • Back-Alley Rogue lost the ability to steal Cover from itself.
  • Treasure Hunt timing was tweaked to no longer interrupt other effects.
    • For example, if you draw two cards and the first completes a Treasure Hunt, the Treasure Hunt now won’t trigger until after the second card is drawn.
  • The timing of Keyword granting and Silence was changed, so that if a creature were to be granted Keywords and Silenced simultaneously, it will gain the Keywords first and then be Silenced.
  • Hidden Trail now visually changes the Field Lane’s icon into a Shadow Lane.
  • Silenced creatures in the Heist Lane now correctly Pilfer for +1 magicka.
  • In Streets of Riften, it was possible for the Prized Chicken to die without you getting charged with Murdering it. Now no matter how that Chicken dies, you’re at fault.
  • Creatures moving into the Shadow Lane in the Sightless Pit were failing to gain Cover.
  • Theft is now allowed in Castle Wayrest: previously, stealing enemy cards in this Dark Brotherhood mission caused the game to crash.
  • Completing Abandoned Imperfect’s Treasure Hunt by breaking your own rune on your turn no longer freezes the game.
  • Fixed a bug where Raise Dead summoning an enemy Slay creature that had slain was causing the game to hang.
  • AI will no longer use Reconstruction Engine when its lanes are full.

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