Released on September 29, 2018

Login and Performance[edit]

  • Fix: Accounts with special characters in their names and/or passwords are now able to sign in.
  • Fix: Moving cards during gameplay while playing over slower internet connections will now be smoother and more reliable.
  • Fix: Players will experience fewer delays while downloading over slower internet connections.


  • Fix: Packs rewarded for registering your account are now delivered immediately.


  • Fix: Almalexia’s Disciple now properly displays the healing done by its Exalt effect.
  • Fix: Ayrenn‘s effect no longer causes cards drawn to appear blank while moving into your hand.
  • Fix: Excavate now enables Supports drawn with it to be played normally.
  • Fix: Orvas’ Bargain now properly affects both the enemy and friendly creatures chosen.
  • Fix: Raise Dead now properly summons two creatures to one lane if only one lane is available.
  • Fix: Staff of Sparks has been restored to its proper Legendary rarity, and its effect no longer causes an issue when its wielder attacks a creature with 1 Health.
  • Fix: Tullius’ Conscription no longer sends cards to the graveyard if they can’t be placed in a lane.
  • Fix: Silence effects now work properly on the keyword abilities of Custom Fabricants created by Fabricate.
  • Fix: The Spawning Pool scenario in Solo Arena now spawns Slaughterfish properly.
  • Fix: Solo Arena matches will no longer feature two identical lane conditions.
  • Fix: Story and Puzzle chapters no longer intermittently cause the game to become unresponsive.
  • Fix: In Story modes set to Master difficulty, editing your deck will no longer change the difficulty to Normal.
  • Fix: In The Fall of the Dark Brotherhood Episode 5: The Skooma Den, players will no longer receive 6 starting Magicka.
  • Fix: In Return to Clockwork City Episode 5: Furnace Depths, Collapsing Tunnel‘s effect will now properly occur on each rune break.
  • Fix: In Return to Clockwork City Episode 6: Return to The Inner Curiosity, the disc for selecting the chapter will now appear immediately on unlock, and the ability to unlock both endings through replay has been restored.


UI and Display[edit]

  • Fix: “Legend” rank now displays properly throughout the game and will no longer obscure cards in hand. Ranked matches affect your Legend rank again.
  • Fix: Close Call, Crystal Tower Crafter, Imperial Might, Indoril Archmage, Laaneth (Return to Clockwork City alternate art), and Stonehill Mammoth have had their premium versions restored.
  • Improvement: Altar of Despair, Assembled Titan, Balmora Spymaster, Barded Guar, Betty Netch, Cicero the Betrayer, Fighters Guild Recruit, Hand of Dagoth, Mechanical Ally, Reachman Marauder, Sanctuary Pet, Disciple of Namira, and War Cry have updated premium versions.
  • Fix: After attacking, creatures that survive now return to position more smoothly.
  • Fix: Supports now properly display their “Ongoing” or “Uses” bars in Collection view and in hand.
  • Fix: The attributes of Supports are now properly displayed while in play.
  • Fix: Illustrations on cards in play no long flash black after inspection, during summoning, when losing cover, etc.
  • Fix: Inspecting cards in the Discard Pile now displays properly on iOS devices.
  • Fix: Inspecting cards now works properly while the Betray effect is occurring.
  • Fix: The sacrifice prompt will now properly disappear if a creature isn’t chosen before the turn timer expires.
  • Improvement: Prompts for summon abilities are now displayed larger.
  • Improvement: Cards are now displayed larger while recruiting an Arena deck on mobile devices.
  • Fix: In Story modes, tutorial panels will no longer persist when exiting a match then resuming.
  • Fix: The Continue button below the constellation corresponding to the player’s rank now displays and functions properly.
  • Fix: In the Card Info window within Collection view, the number of alternate-art cards owned now displays correctly.
  • Fix: While editing a deck, all cards in deck are now framed to make their illustrations as recognizable as possible.
  • Fix: The Glossary now opens only once when selected.
  • Fix: Featured Items buttons now link directly to the item shown.
  • Fix: IP addresses that automatically set the language to Turkish (currently unsupported) now default to English.
  • Fix: Video settings on Android and iOS are now set automatically.
  • Fix: The Versus Arena button in the Play menu is now properly localized in all languages.
  • Fix: Localized card types now fit better within in their card frames.

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