Released on January 24, 2019.

The latest version of The Elder Scrolls: Legends is live! Check out the newest additions, updates, fixes and more below:

Isle of Madness is Here![edit]

Travel to the Shivering Isles and fight through chaos, calamity and conspiracy as retired master spy, Talym Rend. Overcome the Mad God Sheogorath and his many tricks to save your son from madness in the largest story expansion ever in The Elder Scrolls: Legends!

Isle of Madness includes:

Arena Updates[edit]

Isle of Madness brings with it a major update to Arena: all sets are included as options for Arena picks, with cards from Houses of Morrowind, FrostSpark, and Isle of Madness appearing at a much higher frequency. A large number of cards have been removed entirely from Arena, largely due to them being synergy-dependent cards that are too unreliable to build around in this environment. The full list of cards that have been curated out is available here.

Another exciting update to Arena: if you own a premium version of a card, it will be premium in Arena!

Collection Exporting[edit]

The players asked for it! We’ve added it for you!

You can now export your entire collection of cards for import on supporting deck sharing sites. It’s somewhat hidden but you can find an “Export Collection” button by going to the Option menu (upper-right corner Gear icon) and selecting the “Info” button near the bottom. Clicking to export your collection will place a collection code in your clipboard for pasting.

Note: Similar to deck sharing, the code exports all cards as regulars and exports your cards only, not your decks.

Animation, Visual and Audio Effects[edit]

  • Smoothed out the animation for cards sliding into the players hand after spawning from the summoning portal.
  • The animation for stealing a creature with Chodala’s Treachery is now properly synced and smoothed out.
  • Map coin animations no longer show an extra frame on the edge of the screen.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing creatures to float higher off the playmat whenever Ring of Imaginary Might was used.
  • The Arena win count animation now properly animates to reflect the actual win count.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing certain cards’ ability VFX to play even if the card was blocked from summoning because of a full playmat.
  • Fighter’s Guild Hall will no longer flash as if being activated, when taking Face damage on player’s own turn.
  • Fixed an issue with certain iOS devices that were showing Premium VFX as missing or black.
  • The Ward keyword VFX will now properly display when Assassin’s Ritual is cast on a creature.
  • Prison Ship now properly displays its Shackle VFX.
  • The ghostly card banish VFX now displays for all banishing actions.
  • Fixed an issue causing Redoran Forerunner‘s premium VFX to be completely blown out.
  • Chodala’s Treachery will now display a proper VFX when it destroys a creature.
  • Fixed an issue with the blade portion of Relic Hunter‘s premium VFX.
  • Cleaned up the Hex Ring VFX animation so it no longer flashes for a frame on the player’s avatar.
  • Crushing Blow and Mighty Stomp now have their VFX when The Iron Atronach uses them in the Arena.
  • Ashlander Punisher now has the correct summon and attack VO for Brazilian Portuguese.
  • Added the needed reverb on Septim Guardsman‘s summon and attack VO.
  • A successful guess with Caius Cosades now has an SFX for its VFX.
  • Call of Valor‘s portal VFX now has a SFX to match it.
  • The Arena announce VO will no longer cut itself off when a second VO plays too closely to the first.
  • There is now a lock breaking SFX for the unlocking of the Arena boss.
  • There is now a shuffling SFX for each card shuffled into the player’s deck after they use Galyn the Shelterer‘s ability.
  • Fixed an issue that caused prolonged hover SFX when the player stopped hovering over a card pack.
  • Newly changed avatars now keep their previous emote VO when Flesh Sculpture is activated.
  • Reverted lore-unfriendly VO on these cards:
  • Fixed missing VO/SFX on these cards:


  • Sheogorath made Madness Beckons a little crazier.
  • Madness Beckons and Cheesemancer are now craftable.
  • When a player has an empty deck, breaking one of their runes now correctly causes them to draw an “Out of Cards“. “Out of Cards” destroys their next rune, but does not cause an additional draw.
  • Oathman cards will no longer appear outside of their appropriate class during Arena draft.
  • Immune to damage creatures and players can no longer be attacked or targeted by actions or abilities that only deal damage.
  • The “Cloaked in Shadows” and “Becoming a Master Thief” quests will now properly increment by playing a creature in the Shadow Lane to grant cover.
  • Cheydinhal Sergeant‘s featured match in Solo Arena now properly features one lane that fits 6 creatures rather than 8.
  • The City Gates scenario in Solo Arena will now function properly even if presented as a 6×2 lane setup.
  • The opponent now starts with a Cruel Bandit in both lanes in the master mode of Abandoned Mine, Episode 4 of The Fall of the Dark Brotherhood.
  • Dragon Cult Ghost will no longer reanimate again after dying in the Reanimation Lane.
  • Sweet Roll has now been added to the creature pool for Wabbajack to pick from when using its ability.
  • When the player has one creature in play and the opponent has a least one creature, casting Barilzar’s Tinkering onto the friendly creature will now give the player the option to Betray, allowing them to transform one of the opponent’s creatures.
  • AI improvements:
  • Sheogorath taught the AI how to properly use Wabbajack.
  • The AI will now play Mundus Stone before summoning all their creatures, instead of after.
  • The AI will now prioritize attacking Vivec over attacking face, when the player is at low or negative health.
  • The AI will now properly play creatures in the Plunder lane if the player has a Guard in it.
  • AI opponents will now sacrifice multiple creatures in a single turn if necessary and is more likely to trade weak creatures into Guards to make room for creatures in hand.
  • The AI will no longer use Writ of Execution on a creature, followed by a destroying attack in the same turn.
  • The AI will now active the Reconstruction Engine support card when possible.
  • Improved the AI’s ability to use actions with multiple effects.
  • The AI will no longer use silence on creatures that have no abilities or buffs.
  • The AI will now sacrifice weak creatures on a full playmat in order to make room for more powerful creatures in their hand.
  • The AI will now give creatures cover after they attack instead of before.
  • The AI opponent “The Claws” will now properly use the Skooma Frenzy support.
  • The AI will now truly prize its Chicken in the master mode of Streets of Riften, Episode 1 of Return to Clockwork City.


  • Players can now log out of their account on Android and iOS devices. Note: Logging out only works for registered accounts or guest accounts linked to Google Play or Apple Game Center.
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing deck importing from working 100% of the time on mobile devices.
  • Deck importing will now use any version of a card to make a match, instead of specifically looking for normal for normal, or premium for premium.
  • Alternate art cards will now count towards their root collection instead of needing to get the original card art version to satisfy the completion state.
  • To better serve the tournament scene, the Mulligan timer for Challenge Matches has been turned off.
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing camera shake if a card of 6 or more power was summoned to the playmat.
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing newly created accounts from purchasing from the store, with real money, unless the client was restarted after account creation.
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing the unlocking of The Temple’s Chosen and The Memory Master titles if the player had already completed those missions before.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause a full assortment of support cards to rearrange their position after sacrificing one to use another.
  • Players can no longer interact with their cards once the defeat animation has started.
  • GDPR Limit Tracking and Profile no longer leads to an error.
  • The same account can no longer be logged into multiple devices at the same time. If attempted the player will be informed that they must log out of the other device first.
  • The inactivity timer will no longer start recording inactivity during the asset download phase.
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing premium Ageless Automaton from being soul summoned or soul trapped.


  • Improved card dragging on mobile devices.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the Play History from displaying after reconnecting to a game in progress, after restarting the client.
  • The Wi-Fi icon will now display properly when mobile matches are lagging or have a poor Wi-Fi connection.
  • The final day of the season reward countdown timer now displays hours, minutes and seconds.
  • Fixed an issue that was not properly displaying a player’s Best PvP rank, Best Legend rank, nor the correct Total PvP wins across seasons. We still need to fix accounts from before the client switch, to grab their previous statistics to add to their totals.
  • Fixed an issue where some Quests were showing the incorrect art when zoomed in on hover.
  • New players will no longer get extra, locked Starter Decks as they progress through The Forgotten Hero tutorial/story.
  • Extra Starter Decks will no longer show up as locked in the Deck List.
  • Rank images are now much easier to see against their backgrounds.
  • Instead of the entire name being clickable, there is now a red X next to each spectator’s name that must be clicked to kick a spectator.
  • The daily quest| “A Test for Strength” will no longer contain debug text in the title, in Russian.
  • Players already spectating a match will now properly see the spectator count increase when other players join to spectate.
  • Spectators will now see the ranks of both players when spectating a Ranked match.
  • Arena Boss attribute symbols will now only appear once the lock has broken off.
  • Hovering over card backs in the Collection menu will no longer show the hangers for the playable cards that were previously in their slot, before switching to the card backs.
  • Scrolling through chat messages with the scroll wheel will no longer randomly stop functioning.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the player from choosing a card to sacrifice if the player attempted to place a card in a lane that was in progress of becoming full.
  • Long text entries in the Collection search field will no longer be obstructed by the red X.
  • The “Choose This Class” screen in Arena now has a larger sized header and buttons on mobile devices.
  • Players will no longer receive an unfriendly error message if they reject the EULA.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing the backgrounds for card descriptions to use the wrong size.
  • The player’s chosen card back now properly displays on the back of cards during the pack opening animation.
  • The Wrothgar Forge image will no longer appear twice when cycling through deck images.
  • Soul trapping over 100k worth of extra cards will now properly display the Soul Gem exceeding limit warning message.
  • Players can no longer select New Deck when the copy, delete, and export buttons are toggled on.
  • Cards that attain 10 or more hangers will now use a more compact hanger display.
  • There is now a highlight state for returning a Prophecy card to the player’s hand after being drawn from a rune break.
  • The Deck Pile list now properly displays the correct Magicka cost for cards that have had their costs altered during the match.
  • The animation for ranking up or down has been cleaned up to be less visually confusing.
  • The “Out of Cards” mechanic will now only show up once per event in the Play History, instead of three times.
  • Button presses now animate more clearly on mobile devices, when pressed.
  • The story screen now uses the correct font for purchase headers for chapters not yet purchased.
  • Players can now choose to exit the game when given the message that they were disconnected due to inactivity.
  • Apex Wolf no longer displays as Alpha Wolf in Spanish, Mexican Spanish, or Brazilian Portuguese.


  • Daily Soul Gem/Gold reward cap and Daily quests are now synced with the other time rollovers.
  • Daily login rewards will now be checked when returning to the Main Menu without having to restart the game.
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing the unlocking of “The Temple’s Chosen” and “The Memory Master” titles if the player had already completed those missions before.
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing the unlocking of “The King’s Protector” title if the user spared the King.

Known Issues[edit]

  • If you import a deck with ghosted cards, then craft a non-regular version of a ghost, the card is not satisfied in that deck unless the deck is saved.

Isle of Madness Arena Updates[edit]

With the release of Isle of Madness, we will also be bringing a major update to Arena: all sets are included as options for Arena picks, with cards from Houses of Morrowind, FrostSpark, and Isle of Madness appearing at a much higher frequency.

A large number of cards have been removed entirely from Arena, largely due to them being synergy-dependent cards that are too unreliable to build around in this environment. Below is the full list of cards that have been curated out.

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